Everything You Need to Know – CBD Oil , Black Seed Oil and Cancer

Read my full and detailed article here with infographic on dosages: Where to purchase black seed oil: …



  1. Hello, again very glad to see you again. I live in California and thanks to you I've been taking the Nigella black seed oil for two months now not only me but my husband too, he feels great, no pain and lose some weight. I am taking the black seed oil in the morning and CBC at nigh time. I'm so hoping my tumor has reduced. I'll see the doctor soon. The black seed oil is the best.. thanks again

  2. Thank you for all the. Great information you always share. I have subscribed to your channel. Does black seed oil help with loss of hearing due to ringing in the ear vertigo problem. I cant find any video that you talk about loss of hearing and vertigo. Please give us information on this topic. May God Bless you.

  3. Ive been watching your videos for a while they are very informative I am in the process of doing a lifestyle change as far as eating and taking care of myself better, not sure if you answer questions on here but can black seed oil help lose weight, eliminate joint pain, I even heard of video where you said it would help your beard grow and eliminate gray hair !!! WOW.
    Can it help cure people who have AIDS and STDs !?

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