Federal government expected to allow outdoor cannabis growing

Producers of cannabis could soon be able to grow their crops outside, as the federal government is expected to legalize outdoor production this week. Eric Paul …



  1. for edibles yea ok, but no one smokes that stuff. There will be a clear differentiation between commercial farm weed and indoor cultivation.

  2. You wanna know y the government is doing it ..BECAUSE WEED REGISTRATION LEADS TO WEAPON CONFISCATION.. read your handbook..weather its prescribed or recreational drugs ..u have to turn your weapons in or they will come for them… wake up people..do u want to lose your rights to bear arms for the sake of smoking something that u been doing illegally for however long u have been.. you get registered u weapons get confiscated..

  3. Im all for this legalizing outdoor grows but it wont stop indoor grows in cali or anywhere else, outdoor grown is great especially if done properly but the quality of indoor cant be beat by outdoor or greenhouse. Climate control plays a big roll in indoor plus less pests, it will definitely change the black market tho, outdoor & gh grown will be so inexpensive that people will almost stop buying indoor but there are those that demand quality & since California is the "biggest market in the WORLD" indoor will still thrive. This will manly help cartels that grow mass quantities of outdoor & ship it to non weed friendly states to make$$. Ive grown indoor & outdoor guess wat for people who use for personal use whether medical or rec they prefer indoor, but im all for this federal gov. actually legalized outdoor grows is a step closer to knocking cannabis off the schedule 1 list & thats the main goal in my eyes. Grow on everyone outgrow the government 😁👍👍👏✌

  4. This new pot dose not have CBD oil AT ALL , it’s all been bread out. Why is important? Because CBD helps counter act the THC especially when it comes to people because paranoid and or addicted to pot . So of course without CBD OILS in the cannabis the pot becomes much more dangerous. Now our young morons think that pot is healthy and quite harmless, this is soooooo wrong . But here it comes I now hear the an a Canadian company is going to mixcannabis And alcohol. Wow sounds evil and wicked ,. Our kids are under attack. Fight back get involved.

  5. We have lots of dispensaries in Salem Oregon. Used to pay $12+ a gram. Now you can get an ounce for $50. And their stockrooms are jam packed with inventory. Prices are crashing. Plus we all grow our own now.

  6. what will you do about insects. It will not be as cheap to produce as you think…also, yes people steal outdoors, you need security.. again putting the initial cost up.

  7. lol the "black" market will never fade anyone in their right mind would stay with someone who grows it themselves, they can offer the same if not better quality for 5 to 7 a gram and still make mucho dollars, when the government makes weed that's 20% thc and sells it for 3 or 4 dollars a gram then you'll see the black market disappear!!!

  8. You gotta love this Trudeau gov. Now unlicensed growers could be looking at 14 yrs. in jail. What a farce! Who knew legalization would be worse than criminalization. This guys got to go! No referendum, no input from Canadians! Oh well at least all the retired cops and politicians won't have to worry about pension cuts! Atta boy Kash!!!

  9. If you can produce a product at home for a lower cost then you won't buy it from a store. Weed stores exist because it is currently illegal. Change that so that everyone can grow several six feet high plants and the weed stores go out of business. For example if a loaf of bread at the store was $13 but you could make a loaf in a bread machine for 75 cents would you buy bread or make your own? Bread is the price it is due to economies of scale. A home producer can not make a similar loaf of bread at home for the cost of buying one in a store. That's why bread companies exist. And that's why weed growers in Canada will not. You need to grow weed at a lower cost than a home producer and that means you have to use offshore growers like China, Mexico or South East Asia.

  10. How much a gram if we import weed from Mexico, China or South East Asia where labor is cheap, less environmental regulations and government controls? The first container ship from Thailand filled with weed will put every Canadian grower into bankruptcy.

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