1. It’s such a catch 22. People who haven’t used drugs don’t really know what these people are going through but the people who have risk triggering themselves when helping others. ☹️

  2. 10 years on Percocet and opiates ( never heroin) but major withdrawals trying to get off, went to suboxone and thought it was life saver until I got hooked on that and had worse withdrawals getting off, suboxone for long term use fucked me up big time, mental issues and physical issues. One thing saved me and made it 2 months which I haven’t in 10 years, no interest to ever go back to drugs! Mentally I’m over it. KRATOM! Kratom for a month saved my ass and got me clean. Tapered off Kratom easily and finally after a hard month of depression I can see sunlight again and smile.

  3. I slipped up did couple lines smoked crystal yesterday after clean for year guess my dog dying just made me weak enough, beat myself up pretty bad but I’m clean today starting over

  4. The main cause of overdose is getting out of jail or getting clean then relapsing. The way we all think needs to change. So someone gets high?! SO FUCKING WHAT!!! DOPE, SOBOXONE, PILLS!!! So what. If we can take the drug and function through day, why should it be such a big deal!!!

  5. I'm exactly feeling the same way….I hate being on subs… I think certain people feel this way that have just been through the fucking wringer of opiate addiction and dont ever want too be dopesick again….I get it…I feel like a piece of shit still cuz I'm dependent on subs.

  6. Sooo this is what happens when you make a show revolving around “recovering interventionists” who aren’t even working a solid program and only want to do the 12th step. Helping others will NOT keep you clean. You need steps 1-11 before you can do 12. They’re in order for a reason.

  7. I shot my last dose of Heroin/Fentynal and Meth on September 11th of 2018. I went to treatment, denied Suboxone/Subutex/Methadone. I kicked it cold turkey and am still clean to this day, it's not very long, but it was a 5 year habit and I'm not even 25 years old yet.

    But what I'm trying to say is if I can do it, anyone can. It gets easier everyday, I promise.


  8. How does ganja oil not help? If you only use cannabis it will help with recovery.. maybe, maybe not. Not just smoking weed tho but using cannabis as medicine. Sticking to a strain specific full spectrum cannabis tincture is what Frank should try, and also Kratom. Right?

  9. HE IS REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE A MOM. so many dont. no where to turn at all even if you DO get better. its a good motivation tactic to get better. knowing you have someone who will have your back. so many people i know dont have any motivation to get better because they have lost EVERYONE already. they think they have no way of getting their life back.

  10. is there no methadone treatment over there??? if you find the right clinic that TRULY CARES, it will save your life. been 4 years off heroin and detoxing off methadone for a few months now. shouuld be done in alittle over a year and i wont feel ANY OF IT. seriously amazing 🙂

  11. Rehab……followed by 12 steps it's the only way for us chronic addicts …the drugs are not the problem…..there are attempt to solve the problem…..the problem is us and we need a complete transformation in our thinking and obviously our behaviour…..and that doesn't come about by rehab alone ….. It's takes daily action ….all subutex does at its best is suspend our heroin use… Also taking substitute meds is still using ……sorry if that pisses anyone off … But it's the truth !!

  12. 6 months clean from xanex alcohol coke Molly acid shrooms I was basically taking every drug you could put in front of me I was getting high on my own supply making so much money hurting people then turning around and buying more drugs to sell till I got to the point I would take then all getting arrested my girlfriend and mom saved my life I was in 2 5150s (mental hospitals) and jail before I got clean with so much help anyone can do it

  13. If this guy cant look in mirror see how much he has fucked up his health already then there is little hope. He look like he was on meth picking at his face hard core. Helping people more like need help himself. And seems so scripted and fake. Vice feeding off addicts who cause people in actual physical pain to suffer smh some sick shit. Drugs dont do humans humans do drugs. Think about it.

  14. Oh god I’ve been on sub for 5 years it’s my security blanket and I’m straight and sober as an arrow . No side effects either . Not sure what this is about cuz sub doesn’t make u feel like the way he described .

  15. "I feel like this, I feel like that, and I hate it" hey Frankie, welcome to being sober. When you're sober, you actually feel things. Stop running away from your feelings and start addressing them. Then, and only then, will you be successful at staying clean.

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