Global Health News Ep. #33 | Corporate Collusion | Monsanto's Ghostwriters

Welcome to another episode of Global Health News with Ty & Charlene! This week, we cover hot topics under the umbrella of “corruption”. We know that …



  1. Hi: What are the real effects of turmeric powder and Ricci mushrooms on cancers and blood cancers according to experts?  Also GMO foods and what the aluminum does from cooking pots into your foods?

  2. on 5G – please let people know that the infrastructure is going up all over the country NOW. Do you see small black poles being installed? Ask the installer – it's 5G! You have to get your neighbors together and organize against it. Do you also know the FCC has overridden state and local control of this? THAT is fascism! We all have to organize our neighborhoods, not just yell on line.

  3. Remember when the Tobacco companies said Smoking was safe….it was saturated with sugar, caffeine, and thousands of pesticides sprayed onto the tobacco fields, and in your tobacco cigarettes cigars e-cigarette fruit flavors of choice…Getting the kids hooked on smoking and drugs and tobacco.

  4. Plz. Don't forget to do a report on High Fructose syrup or corn syrup and dextrose sugars.Snickers and M&M and sugars in tooth paste….that cause your body to desire sugars.

  5. Did we ever think that Coca cola are operating in our best interests? Nooooo……and for some reason my own husband drinks coca cola on a regular basis and his throat is suffering badly 🙁 I have explained to him the damage they do but he doesn't hear me 🙁

  6. Should we put popcorn in a bowl and watch it pop itself when they turn it on? What about those who need pacemakers that aren’t supposed to be near microwaves? What about the experiment done by children in Denmark (I think) who couldn’t get seeds to sprout in a room with WiFi! Is this going to affect our farmers seeds and our food supply? Stop the insanity! You guys are helping a lot of people! Bless your hearts!

  7. A problem with studies in general, they are falsified as you stated. The only trustworthy science is reproducible objective measurements under controlled conditions, and all of these requirements are difficult to obtain. The worst science is one that predicts a past that never repeats, such as the theory of evolution, and predicts a future that it never gets to, such as ozone depletion theory and global warming.

  8. Ayn Rand was correct, the worst problems come from people in the government and organizations outside of the government abusing government powers. This is why government should have limited enumerated powers.

  9. @ 10:57 Fascism graphic

    Comment: Thank you for pointing out how a cooperation between business and government is fascism. I add, the tyranny is worse when the government runs the business, such as government single payer, or Medicare for All.

  10. Let's be honest, anyone who doesn't know that sodas are a health hazard has been living in a cave or simply doesn't care. I talk to people at work about this and they give me a blank stare as they chug down their poison. When the majority of population has an IQ of 100 at the most they unfortunately can't process this information.

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