How a pot saliva test can go wrong | 22 Minutes

Weed’s almost legal! But how will you tell if you’re too high to drive? This Hour Has 22 Minutes: Watch full episodes online: Season 26 …



  1. I think we all agree this is funny . LOL . I think the guy in the passenger seat was me . I can turn any tube into a bong in 2.5 sec.why back in the 80's . I went with a girl back then that looked just like this girl . Boy we had a lot of fun . Me and her girl fiends always went swimming nude . Now I am an old guy and not as good looking . All my hair had been cut off . I look like my dad now .

  2. Apple cider vinegar in a small bottle. If you get stopped just take a little in your mouth and swish it all around and then either swallow it or drain it out onto a cloth. When they swab inside your cheeks, it'll be negative.

  3. Being a pot smoker of many many years…
    You actually drive better when you’re high. you’re less prone to road rage. You don’t get so upset in traffic and you’re happy at the speed limit… But the anti pot smokers and police will never believe that… Unless maybe it’s a requirement that they get high so that they understand this fact?🙀😎👍

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