How To – Basic Weed Control in Flower Beds, Pavers and Sidewalk Cracks #SideHustle #Spectracide

How To use / How I use Spectracide Non Selective Herbacide Grass and Weed Killer. Tips and Tricks to help you and you Lawn Care Business. Hey all, don’t …



  1. ​ Dan's Vlog hey dan i need your help im about to buy three pressure washers which i want to connect together to get a higher gpm i want to do mainly housewashing as it seems and driveways and patios but mainly softwashing with my three washers my question is will my set up be enough

    my spec is as follows for combining three pressure washers that are all the same make model and spec


    6.5hp each times 3 = 19.5

    3.2gpm each times 3 =9.6gpm

    2000psi each times 3 = 6000psi

    cleaning units each = 3.2gpm x2000psi = 6400 cu times 3 =19.2 cu

    what do you think is is enough and i have two storey nozzle and a foam gun applicator that i will be using to apply a biodegradable house wash solution to the entire house (as soon as i find a biodegradble all purpose liquid that will do the trick)

    thanks again form the uk

  2. Thank you for your Round Up statement. I stopped using it 5 years ago because of Monsanto's reputed "evil doings." Switched to Spectracide. It's a dollar or two cheaper and works as well. I use both Spectracides: the kills everything it touches spray and the kills the weeds not the lawn spray. Both are good products.

  3. Hey Dan! Thank you so much for your words about Round Up. Monsanto has done incredible damage to the environment including eviscerating bee colony populations around the world. I appreciate your laid back but firm opinion about that company.

  4. Glyphosate is a common ingredient in many herbicides.
    Dawn detergent cuts thru the Plant’s protective oils/waxes to help absorption.
    Detergent is a surfactant, very good advice Dan.

  5. Great video dan.
    Weeds are definitely a pesky thing for sure.
    Adding the dawn to the spectracide makes good sense to me.i can see where it would make it kinda tacky and most likely slow down the evaporation rate so that the chemical can work on the weed more.kinda like the way it gives the bleach more dwell time and keeps it from sliding down the side of the house so much when house washing.also,by adding those extra 2 ounces of spectracide per gallon of water should keep the dawn from weakening the chemical in any always think way outside of the box.i like that.
    Please keep the videos coming

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