1. Had to watch this a couple of times to really feel it. Came at a good time for me… Apart from 2 or 3 times,i haven't drunk this year, and i am still learning to be at peace without it on 'special' occasions. The times i have had a drink, the buzz was 'nice' for the first minutes, then….a dark and dreadful feeling reminded me of how things used to be and it wasn't good. The buzz is shallow and fleeting; as the drinking continues, it becomes bullshit, i can't function, lose my connection to inner peace and joy, it possesses me and i lose myself. It's a dark and very silly place. Life is sooo much better without it : )

  2. Wow Abby – you REALLY nailed it with this one ! One of your shortest clips but one of your most impactful – a classic example of why often fewer words say MUCH more !!!!!!!!! Really prompts one towards some introspective thought !!!!!!!!!

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