Lil Wayne: Bling

Releasing his first solo studio album at just the age of 15, Lil Wayne has shot through the ranks of the hip-hop scene. He has challenged societal ideas about …



  1. I invented the word bling bling. I wrote a song back in 2000 that had the line "you don't need to be a bling bling king" 20 years ago. How long ago did wayne come up with it or copy it?

  2. He promotes pedophilia. I seen him say how he was gang sodomized at 14 and loved it. Pit of Hell for him and his type. This video is fake. No one likes him or even heard of him.

  3. Hey Youtube, how come all of your free movies are either crappy movies or aren't movies but are actually celebrity trash that most people don't care about?

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