Lisa Ann + 69 Year Old Intern DOMINATE Barstool HQ – Stool Scenes 214

Our fearless leader was viciously assaulted in St. Louis on Monday as well as some other Stanley Cup stuff. (Sidenote, Karma is a bitch so this is almost …



  1. Ha jon Taffer act is soooo old and stale. His show is the same exact thing every show. Sorry but his act is so fake and the schitck is over. He is tremendous buisness man no doubt but please lose the tought guy act…..No one falls for it anymore. Its actually now become a joke.

  2. 20:51 Name another company? How about every company with an HR department. But instead of yelling at the boss, they go to HR and the company likely has to pay money to that employee or get prepared to be sued (and likely settle). Look, Barstool obviously has the traditional sports Bro culture where women are treated as objects and for their looks. That shouldn't be a surprise to anybody working there (especially the women). The women can work it to their benefit, but a lot of times it doesn't work to their benefit. Dave doesn't understand that obviously, and although he's the oldest person there, he definitely isn't that mature.

  3. So I subscribe…I think yeah I like this guy for a yank he knows his shit…. next two videos of his has Lisa Ann in em

    This man certainly does know his shit

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