1. It’s a great informative video Basically on all your videos because your give us good knowledge I’m glad there’s somebody like you to make it understandable also I just purchased your book just received it the other day I’m so stoked 👉🏼📗👍🏼😎🙌🏼👏🏼

  2. I don’t get why you equate buying an LED grow light to failure. I watch several great grow channels, all using LED lights, and also watch Growing Exposed where they are showing commercial grows under LED lights. So what gives with this? Do you push T5’s because of a better profit margin or what?

  3. I've watched alot on your air circulation videos, however I'm still lost. I have a carbon filter inside tent connected to 192 cfm for my 4X4 tent exhausting ouside (fan has controller I dont run it full speed), for intake for now I'm just opening flap down on opposite end. Is that sufficient or not, will my house ac be enough for my summer temps? Is co2 not needed inside tent pulling the air from the house? So much info scattered from set up to set up

  4. I keep coming back to your videos cause there packed with great info but common dude. 28% vs 8% and you say you don’t get any higher? Do yourself a little test. Go smoke a joint. Then 5 minutes afterward, do three dabs in a row. Tell me your not any higher then you was from the joint haha.
    You are the grow boss but obviously not the smoke boss.
    Why do the governments do sobriety tests based on nanograms in the bloodstream? Why would a higher level give an impairment charge if you can’t get higher then the first few hoots?
    Great informative video though. Appreciate what you do for the cannabis community.

  5. One video you're saying the home grower should be using T5 or LEDs now in this video you're saying LEDs are the worst investment you can make blah blah blah which one is it

  6. There’s certainly a plethora of information here unfortunately there is also a lot of distraction one straight up video behind a desk without all the distractions would be awesome but who am I to complain, I mean ask questions, I will certainly take what I can get thanks .

  7. Carbon filter the carbon filter just depends on the size you going to filter does it matter which brand. And LED's are great and less heat it depends on Wich led you use good LED's good buds I have never have issues with led other then footprint HPS you will get better coverage but LEDs will give you good size buds for commercial use I would stick with HPS LED just for the fact you going for quantity

  8. You have good information however when you say that there is no difference between 6% the and 20% THC that's not the truth! There is a huge difference and quality of medication and duration you stay medicated!

  9. Your Awesome…………Thank You…I cant wait to start buying from you….. This is the 3rd video of yours I have watched. I have just started to do my research. I love best practices. Goal setting is right up my ally.

  10. I’ve been watching your videos. I’ve always wanted to grow my own but I live in a state where it’s not legal. I’ve been watching many different sights and I found one where they have a complete system. I’m wondering if you have something like that. And I mean they have the tent filter lights fans nutrients everything you would need to get started. I’m looking for something like this but I’m not sure if it’s not overpriced

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