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  1. #WeRockTheVote We need to see that there is common sense legislation being passed and that is to protect and represent Patients

    Not special interest groups or news media that will lie and keep telling you about all these whoa and lies about fears and how children are getting access and going to the hospitals by the thousands in Denver Not happening not in Colorado not anywhere in the Nation there are not DUI people who drive reckless and cause antecedents this also is FALSE #Showerproof Show is because these false facts and documents you try to say is a epidemic. The only true epidemic is there own fears and lies they lie to the public and make up videos and data and information they say other states and community's have all these evils going on we hear these all before in 1935 when the WAR on Drugs was then used to criminalize Americans not help them Criminals that where thrown in jail and are now 80 years later still feeling the effects of this. We do not want to see police keeping up the Drug WAR by making up false Arrests saying they are driving under the Influence or saying they have more then they have there going to keep up the war and arrest and jail and criminalize Americans of there state they still feel that this is a DRUG and it should not be LEGAL. WHY? Because this and the people who run drug rehabs and other such programs want to get that MONEY at any COST they do not care if it wrecks lives if you are wrongfully criminalizing some one they use the Media to lie for them to say this is for the black market when they arrest and raid 243+ houses in a sweep where they proclaimed they use Asset Forfeiture and this Unconstitutional act can not be forgot as we go to the polls this next voting 2020 Election We must not forget that the war on drugs are still being forced and prosecuted and wrongfully criminalizing people of color as well as ever one else for there own personal gain and we must speak up and say "IT MUST END" it is time to Legalize Nationwide and put a stop to this Drug WAR where they WASTE BILLIONS of DOLLARS ANNUALLY. We must put a stop to the abuse and polices piggy bank scams that use the LAWS to only benefit there police departments and abuse the poor and colored and the sick " I say it must come to a END " We do nothing about these abusive states and police that attack not only people of color but poor neighborhoods where carnations are not benefiting the public but they are in fact hurting the public as they make money off the back of people Americans We must make it end. We must reinvest in these community that are warn down and in bad need of repair where people who

    can't afford much must face a awful truth that if they do not get out there and Hustle and do what they can it is there family or them self that will not eat poverty has caused crime to rise in soaring numbers in these neighborhoods they are made criminals by this WAR ON DRUGS and have no other way to survive then

    to try to do what they have to do to eat to pay there bills and this is because the Police and these government officials in these community keep failing them

    They keep making them criminals they keep them in jail in alarming rates they allow the police to make up charges but there clearly is no proof only there word that this or that was said or done it is this disconnect with the public that makes them not a friend of the people but a enemy when you forcefully choke or jump on or use force that you do not have to use just because they do not do as you say it is these abuse in our system that our senators congressmen and legislators do not see day to day. It is easy for them to look out there window and see green grass and security close by they do not see the poverty and issues that are also cause because of lack of health care and the wrongful injustices that the people now stand up and fight to change. #Marijuwana #Cannabis #Hemp #USSenate #USHouseofrepresentatives #Laws #SocialJustice #Congress #StateLegeaslators #Norml #MPP #MPA

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