1. Haha, you make me laugh, your so right, time to free the weed, a Herb and the best herb. Australia is no different, we are way behind the rest of the world. Big pharmacy needs to be banded not Hemp.

  2. You vote National then I get a bunch of old out of touch men who are their sons trust fund father and bash anyone on the benefit over the head for fair of their fathers business and money failing. I vote for labour and they ban me from speaking about Australian Voldermort say when is that cunt off to Azkaban sick of hearing about him and people giving him what he wants. Not only that but Voldermort put a spell on his firearms so now the firearm is at fault like the piece of metal, plastic, rubber and gun powder came to life and became a racist and acted by itself. So now no one can own one of those military assault weapons. The military have fully automatic ones. Thats right folks no longer do you have to pull the trigger for every shot. I'm a member of green peace as I like this world and put it through a lot of shit to put up with an ant like me but then I always get a phone call. Oh we need more money again but don't forget to vote for us. Talk to me about global warming and how bad my car is without offering a viable solution. What do I do when I need to replace the battery in the Nissan Leaf huh. Where does the lithium and other deadly chemical go… into a landfill. Either way no real solution. Then onto getting solar panels onto everyones house roof. Seriously do you think your talking to Warren Buffet or Jeff Bazo's. You can dream forever but can you come up with a possible viable solution. Even if the government ran a program to give me the rest of the money id need after trading in my car to afford an electric car it would most likely still bankrupt New Zealand doing this for every citizen here that applies for it. That would be a lot of people. OK so we go to the UN and get help from the whole entire world only to find out… The rest of the world is doing the exact same thing.. Well still we can't afford it. Oil companies still have a vested interest in keeping electric cars expensive and keep people relying on fuel powered cars. Sarcasm in this failing world is all I have left.

  3. This governments a joke! On one hand lets make NZ smoke free by 2025 but hey lets decriminalize smoking cannibis in 2020? This is all a diversion from the UN migration pact that Labour has just signed.We wont be seeing Ardern sitting down and discussing that. What a croak! Globalist suck up thats selling our country out like Labour always did.

  4. Hey Vinnie. Love your stuff man. Keep up the good work.
    Have seen a few clips lately on victims of mkultra who have specifically stated they were told they could consume any drug they wanted but NOT weed. I'll let you woke and clever followers of Vinny and the like work out the rest.
    Kia kaha team

  5. It's so frustrating 😠. 73 politician's voted against the greens bill so they don't care. Labor don't care or they wouldn't of put there stupid bill the day before. Don't hold your breath people. I'm just gonna do it any way.🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  6. Cannabis should be legal or alcohol should be IIlegal. Labor and NZfirst are not gonna legalise weed any more than natonal would even if most people vote for it in a referendem it anit happning.

  7. smoking cannabis produces THC a physchoactive effect. cannabis should be used(not smoked) by everyone daily. smoking it should be legal and restricted to people of "LEGAL" smoking age…

    how fucking difficult is it?

  8. So funny! God damned referendum and conscience vote are fatal delays. Majority =/= morality.
    As for dropping out of school after smoking, very true, tho I wish I took all the opportunities that the mind control institution gave me. Best Vinny E video Ive seen yet. Commentaries of lying scumbags doublespeak are always great, Give this man some money!

  9. I think the magik healing herb has a more positive place in the world, than all of the corrupt satanic politicians, bankers, elite's sik mind control meat grinder they cover up as society, m8 were already in a prison just can't see the bars, in the end when we the people need to put them in prison. Hurry up everyone wake the hell up!!!… I thought these people were originally put in those positions as public servants, acting on behalf of the people….not power over the people, we the people are the country we should be able to change the system if its not working… Why do we have to put up being slaves

  10. The kids who weren't engaging in school after smoking cannabis obviously woke up to the fact school is a joke and saw through the bullshit ^_^

    Legalise it already!

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