PLUG PLAY Grape Ape Soda Review🍇🥤

We are only one more Plug Play pod away from finishing reviewing every strain they have to offer and honestly we haven’t been disappointed at least once!



  1. Thanks tripple 777 got hooked up at NRC ..👍👍..2% off and a gram(Amber og) ..Coockies are gone…re up next week..PURPLE PUNCH🎱th 💢🔥🚀🌛💤

  2. Great video boys 💚 the review on 🍇🦍 🥤 cuz that's good to knw it's more of a nite time cartridge an taste like Grape jolly rancher cuz I'm stoked to see u guys review the Apple Slushie too I've heard that 1 taste like a apple Jolly Rancher

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