Schizophrenia – Cure Healing Rife Frequency | Binaural Beats Session

Schizophrenia – Cure Healing Rife Frequency | Binaural Beats Session by HealingBox Brainwaves (Binaural Sound Therapy) Schizophrenia is a mental …



  1. Schizophrenia isn’t a mental condition it’s a spiritual awakening of the soul therefore opening up your mind people who never do psychedelics still get this Subliminal messaging from tv and radios are what implants subconscious thoughts and voices once you are in the system for “schizophrenia” by way of medication implants from “unknown antagonist” meaning whatever they want to implant EMF signals (from cell phones and WiFi if targeted from Reptilian Telepathy (going back and forth in the future) they will try to force mood change even from electrical circuits if your “chi” is too strong “gang stalkers” will find your blood sample and chemtrail you so you won’t be capable of kinetic energy, enlightenment, influence, and most likely an understanding of the truth “schizophrenics” hear over 84000hz compared to the average 41hz therefore being able to process subliminal messaging from the highs hearing two things at once from the news etc used as scare tactics from the government Medication makes you worse once you cut it out seeing that now you have symptoms you wouldn’t have if you never took anything many people have cured it by never taking anything and using niacin I’ve cured it with DMT 0.001% potency but it came right back due to another hospital visit and mandatory medication Electromagnetic fields and planet nibiru is the problem remember the population went up 60% in 10 years beings come from underground because you can’t fly out or into the firmament so they go underground that’s why there’s earthquakes

  2. I have schizoaffective and I also take medication, including antidepressants. I listened to this audio file for 3 days. But I was depressed and did not listen anymore. After a week now I'm better.

  3. i suffering Schizoaffective(Schizophrenia+Bipolar). Can this audio treat me? is this healer for me? When times i should listen? Now i listen by headphone, i felt some bechance in my brain. and now my movements are faster than the normal state! No problem?

  4. The truth is that schizophrenia is a sign that there are people on Earth that cause suffering and anxiety and get in the way of telepathic communication. They need to die off is the truth, instead of telling us to hurt ourselves. When you smoke marijuana you learn about the Truth as it is an antennae for planet Earth. This causes a great deal of anxiety because the truth is really fucked up and needs to be brought to the surface and taken care of. Its not the plant, its people on earth that the crystals on the plant picks up on.

  5. Marijuana does not cause it, it’s a remedy and coping method . It’s better medicine then antipsychotics. People have the wrong info about this illness. I think the binaurals would work better with a different thought process about this illness. It should be geared to quieting the voices that we hear- most importantly. we are not psychotic, the voices are. Therefore the medication doesn;t fully help because of the outside perspective that is unsound. i would love to help you make this binaural work , i need it really badly to just work.

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