1. To be honest, I'd probably do a similar format with my streams. It's just not within my reach to do any gaming right now…

    Video Games and Pot are the two greatest things in my life, so if I could one day turning content I would already do if I didn't involve marijuana. I just wasn't sure how advertisement friendly it might be.

    Well, you've got a new subscriber. Simply because I'm not sure I could take 5 bong rips in a row. Despite me being impartial to the game I can tell you have a lot more skill than me, so it just makes me want to get better at it.

    It's a fun game, but I'm not crazy about it. I'm probably gonna start binge watching your stuff though, so enjoy the watch time 😀

    Also, if you had any tips for someone looking to start a channel from scratch. What would you tell them?

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