1. When you think about all the different factors and chemical whatnot's going on it's an amazing process this simple thing we all love and sometimes hate. I like staking my baccy also…it's like a mini buffet. I was going to buy a moonshine once but he was so ugly about Dagners pipes it turned me off of him. I am not a Dagner superfan but I didn't think he deserved the venom that the moonshine guy was spewing.. a shame because I like several moonshines and have heard good things about them.

  2. That's a possibility that I hadn't heard before and something to try to be aware of. I wonder if that steaming might be a factor in ghosting – a release of volatiles absorbed in the cake?

  3. Oh man. I didn’t get a pipe tonight. You gotta get a 9mil pipe man. If you don’t by the time I go back to work and begin to earn the preverbial paycheck I will find you one and a box of filters. It has changed or I should say improved my thoughts on Virginia’s.

  4. This is why moisture in important. Like for virginias you need the moisture and therefore steam to carry the sugars in the smoke so you can taste them. Burnt sugar tastes bad which is why if your tobacco is dry and crispy it tastes horrible.

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