1. I bet you will look at indoor growing as meh its ok. You grow such huge dope plants outside. I see videos of people with 100 gallon pots that dont do as good as you. And they even use chemical fertilizers. Its amazing what organic does. Its a bit trickier yea but the dope is much better all around better looking better smelling better tasting and a cleaner more natural buzz.
    Do a classic strain grow brother. Get some ak47 maybe a panama red or acapulco gold i would love to see some land race afghani. And maybe take like 25% of the afghani harvest and make that super dark afghani hash.
    Throw in northern lights and maybe a skunk 1. Too bad cant find real deal roadkill skunk yet I assume it is being created again with the widespread leagalization. Hell I would pay 50 bucks for 1 fem seed of roadkill skunk.
    The old school first generation weed strains are the best in my opinion. The buzz from them is off the chain.

  2. Always great vibes and great info wen lookin at your vids bro but I have an issue and I was wondering if you could help… I live in the tropic zone in the Caribbean and I've sprouted a few indicas Afghan Skunk and White Widow x Critical in mid April, they started flowering after a month and some days, they are photo periods and I just wanted to know if you have any info as to why they would flower so early.. I was hoping for a pound each plant

  3. I woke up this morning and saw that all my girls died. I was doing four gorilla glues and two skittles plants on my patio and the heat got to it. I harvested what I could but man this sucks. I think the heat took them out. I gotta start from scratch 😓

  4. Holy shit vacuum cleaner 🤣🤣 takes hit “shhhhewwwwwwwwtttttt” cracks me up I am just bustin balls😂 I am cheering for the LA confidential. Even though the leafs are little strange the node spacing the bush shape It’s gonna be a beast. Indoor looks really good man great job. Much love growmie 🤙

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