1. Hi guys were back from our social media detox mini-vacation, hope you all had a great week. thanks for stickin around and not abandoning us like the poop abandoning my body after one meal at sharky's mexican food. Excited to talk about it all on the podcast tomorrow, hope to see ya there doggies & god bless

  2. He is a soy boy, that is his problem. This girl does not seem like a common Russian lady. She acts more like a Canadian- California hoe. Russian girls tend to become prostitutes if they are poor. Never believe Hollywood. Hollywood makes Men look like scum on every commercial. This looks fake 100%

  3. I never ever want to be with a girl that wants to be with me just because I have money. That is the lowest of lows for me. I can understand not being broke, but right when she starts asking for more and more, that's when it's cut. I want a woman for her personality and how she makes me feel when I'm around her, not for her money, it's just material shit.

  4. Can someone please tell this woman with no papers from Russia to wake the hell up and pull her head out of her butt. She literally said that she expected to live in a mansion, wearing 20,000 dresses, and live rich when coming to the United States. She’s driving through upper middle class beautiful neighborhoods and the man says the neighborhood looks nice and she says it looks disgusting and that it looks poor. Woman is crazy and so fake. I am sorry but this woman came from Russia. I mean unless she came from a rich family, why are her expectations so high? Why isn’t getting papers, and having the opportunity to get a degree, to work a career, and being with a wealthy man who can make that possible good enough? Wow, her selfishness, her dry personality, and her references to everything concerning money is absolutely unbelievable. I wonder how she was living in Russia, to be expecting so much, and to be so judge mental as to say the apartment makes her feel poor.

  5. At 13:13 onwards its one of those great speeches you probably will not expecting starting at how entertaining the video is right of the bat, but the unpredictability of learning something unexpectedly is refreshing. I love the vids man!

  6. im sorry but obviously a lot of this is fake
    they probably got a lot of money for the show
    when sh slaps him there is this micro expression where shes smiling
    so you can really tell that the slap was planned

  7. I mean this girl stayed with him this whole Time and is supporting him while he's in prison,,she has a channel where she's sharing her fitness journey for a bikini competition and her body is out of this World,, if it isnt for love, i don't know why she's still with that pig

  8. I know if it's because I I've been poor before but in reality I think you'd be better to living in decent house with a decent car than to live in a nice house I need always be comfortable living never have to worry about bills that's the life

  9. I feel no sympathy for these men.  They don't work on themselves but spend hours strolling for young beautiful women and have NOTHING to offer.  Its a wonder American women don't give them a second look, they think we are Bitches when we tell them to eat right and work hard.  We do it, but they expect us to eat Cheetos and play video games with them.  NO

  10. Some of the girls who on the show have kind of cartoonish idea about how Americans live and they get bummed out when they don't have a swimming pool full of money, but at the same time you know these dudes are probably talking themselves up waaay too much when they first meet even if they're totally broke. Like David lmao

  11. I had no problems with that woman.
    She was honest as fuck.
    She had a serious point,
    would he want her if she was not hot? no he would not so…
    she does not want him if he is not rich.
    That's fair and HONEST as fuck.

  12. I worked with this horrible horrible girl from brazil, who was married to a sugar daddy computer engineer who serviced our office – she fucked every guy in our company, every guy at the bar everyone went to after work, even taxi drivers. Whenever the husband would show up to the bar for a drink after work with his friends; she would lose her shit! Scream and shout, throw things, tell him he was suffocating her even though they must have spent all of ten minutes a day together. Anyway, she treated him with such distain, he was the talk of the company and the very day she got her green card, she took off her wedding ring and threw it at him. Threw HIM out of HIS house & moved in her personal trainer. She was a stone cold bitch. She then moved on to the boss of the company & stopped working. She must be good at something because she certainly isnt a looker – she oozed sex though.

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