The Inside Story of a Pro Wrestling League for War Vets – Klepper Podcast

Producer Erica Matson and writer Steve Waltien share the backstory of how they found the Valhalla Club and just how intense Jordan’s wrestling training was: …



  1. Too sad. 20 suicides a day? Vets and their broken families. Use and toss is our smug billionaires "government" attitude to US citizens. (Not to mention the fakery of all the trumped up wars since false flag 9/11 with ISRAEL.)

  2. so cool. thanks jordan for having sebastian junger on. we need his compassionate truth seeking and telling, i'm grateful for his words. too bad his website; and facebook are so out of date, although there's finally a new link to a cnn video, with him talking about tim hetherington, on his twitter page; . waiting impatiently for another of his books. some articles would be nice too, hint, hint.

  3. PTSD is what you get for playing hero when there was no need for you to do so.
    It is your pay for murdering innocent civilians ,in order to steal resources from other nations. yeah,suffer now we dont give a shit.
    suffer like you made others suffer.
    boohoo crybaby killers.without the big defence industry behind you ,you d be dead since day 1 you set foot in foreign soils.
    And you should have .
    So be thankful for surviving and shut the fuck up.
    And Klepper,stop licking their ass.

  4. Oh I feel so sorry …not for the surviving bastard murderer mercenaries who went to play war and killed thousands of innocent people,not for them of course.
    They should have paid a higher price.
    So …Fuck you Klepper for trying to whitewash the pervert violent gun loving assholes.
    As far as i am concerned they were and still are people who shouldnt be on the planet,together with those who sent them there to kill for profit and resources.
    Thank you for your service means you are also a part of the gang who murders people for money.
    And no amount of tearful shit will ever change the facts .Thats why Assange is now under threat to be killed by USA ;s legal system if he falls in their hands.
    He tried to uncover the real nature of your fucking US Army.
    Wake up assholes.Sto glorifying war.,stop telling stories without looking on the other side
    Soon we will have similar idioots trying ti invade Iran or venezuela.
    Capitalism kills and you are all responsible for these murders.
    You all deserve to be in the other end of guns to feel what is like.
    Volunteers are the worst kind.There is no need to defend anything and yopu all know it.You are all thieves living on cheap oil stolen from other nations.
    So fckU klepper.

  5. "They can teach us something about storytelling. You just do it for real."

    That is what we fans appreciate in professional wrestling. It's about blurring the lines just enough to suspend disbelief, and immersing yourself into a world where you can do almost anything and get a real kick out of it.

  6. great you're back jordan! great admiration for you, your work and your team

    on the other hand…….let's remember that "the service" done by the US forces…….is invading countries and not necesarily helping them get any better! unfortunately the only US politics is invading, destroying and then installing someone useful to US interests……with absolute impunity….. at the invaded country's, and people, cost! let's not forget that!
    soldiers are just soldiers who follow orders (and sometimes mess really bad), but they're, above all, victims of the US politics for the so called american way of life (whiwh is very dangerous for the whole planet and other countries)

    as i said, great you're back jordan!

  7. Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved in producing this show and for choosing to feature the Valhalla Club in the inaugural episode.

    The three men you showcased had the common dream of becoming wrestling superstars. Each of those men made the heartrending decision to set aside that dream and risked everything in order to serve their country.

    Tonight, in some small part, you've managed to reward these three heroes in a way the government agencies responsible for supporting them never could:

    You gave the entire country an opportunity to see them as the Superstars they truly are.

    Thank you. I'm proud of you all for producing it; you did something good here.

  8. Just watched the first episode… Art, mascarading as entertainment.

    Sure the videography, angle, interaction and bit playing the character Red Tape in the ring where all brilliant, but you never overshadowed the real struggles of war veterans… That's Art. The substance was front and center, not the comedian (observer).

    Thanks for giving an inkling of understanding into not just what people have gone through in war, but how they come home and can't simply fit in/play along.

    I'm not sure what this, at least this first episode, is? It's not comedy, not drama, not torture, not uncomfortably awkward… It's just Art, and brutally honest!

  9. For those who like the interview at the end, I strongly suggest reading "Ishmael" and the 3 other books in the series by Daniel Quinn. These books also discuss the need for tribe, but also the broader picture. This guy's right: the world's problems can be fixed with just a few fundamental social changes.

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