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  1. why do you scream as if talking to a room of 100 people? Your neck veins are popping from the screaming. Your microphone is close to your mouth and I think the viewing quality would be higher if you spoke as you would in a one on one conversation.

  2. A lot of these people I think of it like wolf of Wall Street kinda they want to make millions and don't care who they hurt in the process, if the only way they can get to the top is by standing 'little guy' they'll definitely do it and in this period in time, it's not seen as cool to acquire a skill to achieve a goal it's cooler to cheat and bullshit to achieve a goal.

  3. Don't worry about it, Scott. It will come back to them, unfortunately a few shoulders may get destroyed along the way to truth. I appreciate the video for exposing these fakes and cutting the BS. Best of luck

  4. Tbh scott wearing sleeves and a belt isnt that big of a deal especially the belts they were wearing. The sleeves they were wearing dont even provide a lot of support either and they mightve been worn for knee warmth, but besides that nice vid

  5. I don’t consider myself as a lifter, i was going to buy knee sleeves as one of my knee hurts every time i workout. I am working on glutes strength.

    Should i not wear it at all? I have varicose veins one vein right around the knee cap and wraps around it. That’s how i was explained so idk! Just discovered you.

  6. I think it's important to not immediately dismiss "weird" looking exercises. For example, Belt squats, bamboo bar bench, isometrics, all look weird, but all have a very specific purpose.
    I think if someone can't explain the why of an exercise, then you should disregard it.

  7. I don't have dumbbells yet, so I was using the plates. It never occurred to me to do them the way the other guy was doing it. Felt so natural to do it with my hands at the angle.

  8. Its called fucking juice, gear, etc. If youre not a genetic freak, you need to be on it. Stop being another fucking liar. Male testosterone hits the wall at 25, and rapidly declines every year. All these youtube twats just want likes and views and wont be honest. Dorian said it all. zzzzzz

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