1. my grow tent is in my bedroom, do I use co2? It's a 5×5 I vent right back into my bedroom from the tent, and it intakes from bedroom, I don't know if I'd call it sealed, I have 1000w mh/hps in a cool tube, i suck out through cool tube out of tent and there is my fan and filter on floor outside of tent. So would I put co2 in my bedroom? This is my first tent run, I moved out of garage and went smaller, so what do you think?

  2. Just looked up their MSDS amd there is no citric acid or magnesium in it. ALL THATS IN IT IS 75% monosaccarides and 25% saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    That is a clever way of saying sugar and yeast, to throw people off.

  3. Citric acid and magnesium don't make co2. There is nothing but sugar and dried yeast in this, anything else they put in it is designed to throw you off and make you think they spent a fortune on creating a super mix. ITS SUGAR AND YEAST, AND THEY ARE MAKING THESE FOR ABOUT 50 CENTS A BOTTLE AND CHARGING YOU $40. AVOID AND MAKE YOUR OWN.

  4. Hey Grow Boss 😎, do you think that by putting a Band-Aid over the hole in the bottle top during the dark period you may be able to preserve some of the co2 for when the lights come on???

  5. Uses his knowledge and good delivery to twist shit and leave out important shit by having you focus on the less important shit… LISTENING TO THE FIZZY NOISE INSTEAD OF BREAKING OUT THE CO2 METER… LMAO NICE

  6. This dude is a fuckin clown. Why no co2 ppm meter? Dudes selling a $2 product for $40? Treating their own kind like shit. Yea you gotta flip a profit but even then this product should be $10-12 tops

  7. in archeological botany the eras with higher co2 emissions were followed by eras with healthier plant and animal life by default. So climate change is just horse shit they use to con people out of their tax dollars.

  8. Climate change is a sham plants supply air but they block the sun causing the rise in co2 and cutting all the trees don't help.its caused by globalist not humans

  9. The point of nutrients have nothing to do with yield, could be confusing to some people. However, I do not believe someone could successfully grow in plain coco or in water without adding some nutrients. When you state that nutrients are not part of the equation, you are merely pointing out that, it does not matter which; brand, formula, or (how you put it) secret sauce you use. You have real understanding of the needs of a plant, thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi.I am the grow boss and you won't believe how much money I make off this totally unreliable method of CO2 for your grow room.Whatever you do,do not buy a co2 meter to measure ppm levels as this will show what a scam this is.C'mon I get at least $80 a month from all the idiots who buy it.If you want to raise the CO2 levels for no money,just normal breathing in your grow room for 1/2 hour will raise ppm levels to 1100.Have you noticed that he didn't put it in a room and measure the level with a CO2 meter.he just says listen to the bubbling.You can get a 20lb Co2 tank($138),a regulator($39) and Co2 meter($100) and a timer($10) all total $270.Thats equal to 61/2 enhancers,or 1 unreliable grow cycle.It is a hell of a lot easier to get a 20lb Co2 tank filled or exchanged, every 4 weeks for $20(7'x7" room at 1200 ppm)then wasting time and money on the enhancer and/or CO2 bags.It.s absolutely unconscionable how these grow stores prey on inexperienced growers.Oh ya,make sure you buy 12 different bottles of nutrients and use them at full directional strength,so you have to buy more sooner and after your plants start dying from nutrient burn,buy more of my products to fix those problems.

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