Transplanting 3 Marijuana Plants From 5 Gallons to 10 Gallons Pots & Low Stress Training

In this video I transplant 3 different genetics from 5 gallon pots to 10 gallon pots. Fruity chronic juice by Delicious Seeds, Original bubblegum by TH Seeds, and …



  1. first off good morning your area is quite clean cuz when you start working on the ladies it does get messy he he how long do you veg to get plants at beautiful you're basically tying branches and spreading them out at the same time correct and then they'll all turn upwards and give you the cola if it's the right strain interesting I like are you show structure of the plants have a fantastic grow day happy trails he he he

  2. Wizard could you possibly recommend a genetics bank where I could find a really good Blueberry strain Just would like to add something that's tastes fruity to the garden

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