Variance in Tournament Poker

In this video I’m going to debunk some myths about poker variance and share best practices for how to manage your bankroll in tournament poker. I’ll give you …



  1. One tournament a week? how can one make a living playing one tournament a week? I don't understand. I'm assuming if you just played cash you would play 5 days a week to make a living right? Maybe I just don't understand

  2. Variance in live big field mtts is so high you could play for a lifetime w/o even knowing if you are a winner or not….almost.
    Online is another story because it plays faster and you can multitable. Live big field mtts is just a waste of time imo, if you play poker with the aim of making money that is.
    If you took away the added value of promoting your name, selling pieces with markup etc, I'm sure the pros would all play cashgames.
    And in the variance calculator, aka dream machine, you forgot to add the cost of travel, hotels etc it takes to play mtts for 40 weeks….

  3. This video makes no sense whatsoever, obvously you can't make a living playing only live tournaments once a week. Serious tournament players like myself play hundreds of them each week, and have way more than a 50/50 chance of winning money each month!

  4. I do like a balance of cash vs. tournaments and for me, that balance allows me to stay cash positive. Also, as far as the new camera, viewers/listeners will tolerate less than perfect video, but bad sound is very distracting. I would put some effort into dialing in your sound on the videos.

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