Watch this before you quit – Keep Faith (Christian Motivation)

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  1. When did Christianity become the power of positive thinking?
    1 john 2:19 They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.

  2. Thank you for posting this….i fell asleep thinking about how broken I was…..and when I woke up this video had just started and by the time it was over,I had completely risen to my feet spiritually…thank you and God bless you

  3. I was saved in95 served GOD faithfully. and he rewarded me with the love of my life,agood job a home and a beautiful family,especially my twin dauaghters.💗💗 Served. Him for a few years then backsled. God givith and taketh away!! I LOST EVERYTHING I TREASURED MOST BECAUSE OF MY WEAKNESS!! and since then I've battled my demons,was shot 3 times on new years eve 2013 survived only by the grace of GOD!! but since then ive been back and forth with my walk of faith, diagnosed with ptsd,contemplated suicide several times, attemped it twice but both times the gun misfired. ive lost contact with my daughter's they dont answer or return my calls. If it wasnt for my first daughter(my princess💗) Ive would've really lost it. She helped me so much but doesnt even know it. Recently met someone again who i fell for and now she hates me because i let her down.Been contemplating suicide until i saw this vid. Still battling depression but I know ill make it thru.I have to keep my faith battle my demons everyday until im strong enough so they wont affect or tempt me anymore.This is the first time ive expressed my true feeeling(my testimony)to anyone other than the someone ive met again or a couple of family members. Ive also lost my father who was my best friend my 2nd mother and countless friends and i miss them very,very much but I MUST NEVER EVER QUIT NEVER SURRENDER!!GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR ME. I'll find my purpose or die trying . Im not asking for sympathy or prayer i just wanted to let it out(vent) I hope this helps out someone.TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART,LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING AND IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH!!😇

  4. Lord , give your people the courage and words to speak to your Providence and love. The might to battle every force determined to destroy your creation. The vigilance to endure persecution and even death. Your perfect divine will be done Father. In your name I pray.

  5. I thank god for all his test on me , I've seen so many miracles already an know without a doubt the biggest one isn't far away . Thank you Jesus an father of god , Amen

  6. Jesus is in us and with us all. All you out there suffering, crying, feeling helpless…I AM WITH YOU AND I LOVE YOU, AND JESUS IS WITH US AND LOVES US. I've been through horrible things since I was a child, still going through it, but the Lord makes us stronger through our tests! Welcome them and thank Him! I love you, I'm talking to you, reading this right now. Yes you. I love you, I pray for you, let's serve Jesus together. Take my hand. God bless

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