1. It's ok for them to pull you over for no reason because you're not "the people", they've tricked you into being a "person" and under their "jurisdiction". It's ok if you get fired from work because they can pull you over anytime for any reason so you can't be reliable and consistent and frankly you won't be on time ever. It's ok cause persons can't go hungry, persons don't get injured. It's all about their authority and "jurisdiction".

    I would have just said "no thanks". They only have jurisdiction over corporate persons while "The People" exercise control over our creations, like the police department. "No thanks" and stick to it. If they don't want to listen then you make it your retirement account to take their retirements for false arrest or malicious prosecution, if they like to spend all their time in court them take them there and let them make the claims. Never sign anything and never give them a name. If it's all business then certainly the lack of a signature and cooperation must mean something. The internet makes lawyers obsolete.

  2. I’m shocked it’s only a couple openly racist commenters on this…… I guess we’re making progress! More people understand riding a bike without a light is not a reason to be detained and placed in cuffs…….. but I still see a few slack jawed idiots are still out here….

  3. Those goddamned Gestapo sewer rats make America unsafe with their sociopathic attitude, let them crawl back under the rock they come from. Even working is suspicious for those mindless psychopaths.

  4. Cops are making me nervous. Why are they so hyped up?? Do they know something that we don't know?? Are there serial killers roaming around that we don't know about??

  5. I used to be a cop and retired I live in a small town and that stuff happens here. They have ZIP to do……..no gangs no murder no domestic violence no theft just DUI's. And do not even think about moving here 🙂

  6. So that was it! Arrested in State of MI (Michigan-where that Sanctuary water video came from, Great Lakes) this video has to make it in to the bicycle club's books

  7. Two police cars pull up because people of your color shoot at the police stab the police punch the police take the guns off of police officers belts and shoot them with it and do other crimes so frequently that another car is necessary for the safety of the people protecting the good people of this nation. I hate corrupt cops but I hate stupid citizens just as much.

  8. He said fuck in with y’all. That’s disorderly conduct. These fucking retards are quick to say they know their rights but they have the right to shut the fuck up and go to jail when they swear at the police. Let that be a lesson to all you stupid little fucks reading this.

  9. I was laughin at the guy till I went to the link explaining full story, he claims they cuffed him, and wrote him a ticket while he was cuffed.

    He was riding down the road with no rear light on the bike, and was riding along in super busy traffic, so they checked him to see if he was on dope, and to stop him from fleeing when he found out he was getting a ticket.

    He was wearing no helmet,

    he was wearing no reflective gear,

    he was endangering other peoples' modes of transportation – their health, there coulda been a 3 or 4 car pileup – not to mention his own life.

    He wasn't even riding off the road on the grass where he could, apparently – just gaily peddling down a busy 60 mph road without the first piece of safety gear,

    IN the DARK,

    you all saw how much traffic.

    I guess he figures if he wasn't born with a flashing light and styrofoam helmet on his head, he didn't need one.

    That's some dangerous shit I've ridden like that, you've gotta get off the road or it's a SHORT matter of time till your ass is hit.

  10. People can and should call the Bloomfield, MI police about this to complain and ask questions. Chief of Police: Scott McCanham 4200 Telegraph Road P.O. Box 489. Bloomfield Township, MI 48303-0489 248-433-7755. Fax: 248-433-7784.
    Ask them why they harassed BRIAN FRANK for no reason while riding his bike to work.

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