Why Drug Dealers are Choosing the United States Postal Service – Cheddar Explains

The United States Postal Service is the preferred method for shipping drugs across international borders. But why and how did the USPS become the #1 way to …



  1. State Police and a Federal Postal Inspector showed up at my house last year because a (no longer) friend of mine was shipping drugs to my house. The cops thought I was in on it since I had guns, cameras, nice cars, and long hair. They pulled me out of the house and was working to get a search warrant. They intercepted a package and pulled a pound of weed out of the box on my front porch. I laugh about it now but they were ready to tear my house apart.

  2. How about legalizing the drugs? No more black market, problem solved. Making drugs illegal makes a victimless crime. And don't even fucking mention the effects it has on people, because thousands of innocent people already die from drunk drivers or second hand smoking.

  3. USPS guy: Boss, this box of methamphetamine is really concerning me
    Boss: Eddie, just load it on to the truck
    USPS guy: OK
    USPS guy: Sir, I've got your package with your meth, have a nice day.
    Junkie: Thanks!

  4. It’s the best way to do business. With Tor, PGP encryption, Cryptocurrency, VPN and the hundreds and growing DN Markets it’s easy money and ironically very safe if you know what you’re doing.

  5. So if we do require ID to send packages then all the sudden it will go away? maybe the dumb ones will get caught but the smart ones could just get fake IDs and other fake documents to keep from being tracked. You can't get a dog to smell around for fake IDs in packages…

  6. So, the US congress expects other countries to change their procedures because the broken US health care system encourages prescription drug dependency.

  7. Hey shut the fuck up your ruining it for everyone it’s not just this drug it’s other drugs that we all use a lot so your shining a light on something that is going to fuck our flow of other shit up mother fuck you 🙁

  8. Stop trying to stop it. waste of time. Legal or not, drugs will end up in the users hand.
    Merica and the world lost WW2 and the medical companies won big time, and is still winning as most humans don't care to stop them. Hitler was just a decoy for stupid trolls to believe inn,
    while the medical companies placed their foundation under the feet and eyes of most humans. Bayer and Co won WW2, and every country on earth lost.

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