1. Thank you for vlogging and sharing more of your life again! I miss Jaquie so much .. I still can’t wrap my head around it all. I love that you all are supporting each other and that Judd has so many people to love him and Harlow during this time ..

  2. Nice to see you driving again! I was going to ask you about if you still did! Seams like you read my mind 🤣 Doctors have different question on people with chronic illnesses driving! One doctor told me that I should just have a private driver or demanded my family to drive me all over the place! But my main doctor said I allow you to drive as long as you pass the license test! And told me to not drive when it is too sunny, not longer than 60 minutes and don’t drive if I don’t feel good!! So most of the time if I go somewhere far my family drives my car… And I didn’t drive until my nephew that is a police officer and driving instructor told me I was ready!!

  3. I stopped driving the day my legs gave out without warning. Turns out I have a rare, autoimmune, neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis. I'd hoped to maybe drive again, but just before my first appointment with a 'local' neuromuscular disease specialist (field experts who diagnosed me are 4-1/2 hours away), my car spontaneously combusted (else suffered a random act of arson)! Looks like my driving days are over. 😭 Here's to driving vicariously through you! 💚 I don't have a port, but most seatbelts (even at shorter height settings) fall across my neck. I carry a seatbelt adjuster clip to adust exactly where any shoulder harness gets positioned across my upper body. I've also been thinking about getting a snap-on seatbelt harness pad that doubles as a medical alert and has a see-thru pocket for emergency protocols. 😊 Safe travels! 💚

  4. Most doctors don’t know ( or care frankly) about your living situation. It’s pretty much you and Paul, if he’s in a flair , you need to go get his meds. Thank you for starting to vlog again….. it’s healing for us all💚

  5. Pretty neat little device! I would say to check and see if there is a way to tighten it into place to keep it from swiveling, i'm sure that feature is on there somewhere 🤔

  6. Please don't wear your seatbelt under your arm.
    That's not only illegal but much more important is that is extremly dangerous for your abdomen and chest.
    They have devices to help keep it off your neck. Adjusting the mount in the car to a lower height can help it cross your shoulder and not your throat and neck.
    Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

  7. Glad the new camera mount worked! I get what you feel about having a little bit of freedom and driving. We downsized to 1 car 2 years ago and my hubby takes the car everyday to work. It feels so great when I get to drive and run a errand close to home. I never appreciated my ability to drive until I “couldn’t “ Happy 4 of July. 💕

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