1. 😯😯 HOLY SHIT my dude….. Those are fukn ARMY WORMS, bro they will destroy your garden you need to do something now they call them army worms because they live in colonies of hundreds, they are making their way to your plants, mainly the flowering ones, the rule of thumb for bud worms is if u find 1 there are 20 more u cant see,, but for army worms I think if u find 1 there is 100 u cant see, they are soo small at 1st, they look like pistols on your flowers until u see it move. SAFER GROW CATERPILLAR KILLER. START SPRAYING NOW.

  2. The reason the lower leaves are turning yellow much more this time of year is because the plant is using more nitrogen now that its going into the transition stage. Don't be afraid to use a little bit of nitrogen, a little bit won't hurt and your girls will really thank you for it… I was the same when I first started growing where I would burn the shit out of my plants because i would use too much of the nitrogen rich nutes but after a few tries and errors I got the hang of using it, As they say "you learn from your mistakes" and now (a few seasons later) I can use it and any other nutes I need without problems, and note that once my girls (in the ground) get a certain size I dont use measurements to mix the nutes cause its too much work, I just go off of a guesstimate to what I feel my girls want/need and again I don't have problems with burns or any of that… Once plants are in the ground they are a bit harder to over feed if you're doing things right cause you gotta remember that under the surface you have worms that move the soil and nutrients around… Garden is looking great though. Keep up the amazing work. Much love bro.

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