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  2. I was recovering until I started to think I had lymphoma due to my first lymph node probing then this really bad headache I get when I wake up so now I think I have meningitis etc. Health anxiety is the worst 🙁

  3. So true. Lol im hiding in my room! Damn iknow yer right, but what a bitc to do, yes ill be glad i did it, si im gonna listen to yoy, go out, even drive 5 minutes, thank you for all the help I've gotten , i so walked the road u outline, no one is gonna walk up and panic will magically disappear, lol, sadly no true. Y are a great teacher❤️

  4. Whenever I worry, my energy always gets drained. I got through a lot of panic attacks. First, I was worried about my heart because it felt painful but then I got over it a year ago. I thought it would finally be over but, instead of heart, I am now worried about my brain. I have these weird headaches where it felt like someone just pulled my hair. I'm not really sure anymore if it's anxiety or something worse.

    Last week, I went to check up to a doctor. Then I found out I was actually just having impacted earwax which caused me to become dizzy and have headaches. But even tho after the removal, I still worry because I still have the dizziness and headaches.

    I was just hoping that I could get rid of this anxiety. I'm so sick of it already. Even though I started to feel better it just keeps on coming back like there's no end to it and now I don't know how to deal with this anymore. I even prayed to God just to make myself feel better but Anxiety is just so powerful and it's ruining my entire life!

    Btw I'm just 15 years old.

  5. It's nice to have a understanding doctor, benzos takes it all away, though they become demonized as an a abusive drug, people trying to up keep there busy life and social life, maybe a partying life. You got to get benzos, and while you have them, cut away all things causing anxiety eventually to the point where the benzos are there just for the odd time.

  6. I would drink every day n feel bad about binding the fam in it… I still suffer anxiety, but I try to keep busy and do stuff with the fam. But I also often times need to be left alone to recharge energy through insights. A little weird, but functional.

  7. I know im late but i need help, im so scared it feels like a heart attack but EVERYONE says "its just anxiety" but i dont beileve it. I want to i really do but it feels way worse then anxiety! 😭

  8. Just out of curiosity… my doctor referred me to a psychologist to help with my health anxiety but I have mixed feelings about actually going… part of me feels like its weak on my part for not being mentally strong enuff to handle it on my own and not having control of my own mind and body… but the other half of me is so tired of feeling like my body and mind is on the verge of breaking down at any second, every minute of every day… this is no way to live and I'm so tired of dealing with this it's been over 3 years

  9. Anxiety not scare me at all. I manage to control it. But Panic attack is the most shitty things ever occur in my life. The heart palpitations is very scary. Dizziness, feeling to die, cant control breath, seizure ang faint. I do take antidepressant and anti anxiety also psychology therapy.

  10. Hi. Does anyone have tremors just in one hand. I do, Please tell me if you do cause im very worried i have parkinsons disease please someone tell me. Im so scared

  11. Yesterday at the morning after a cup of mild coffee I started to feel bad but I knew it was just an anxiety. I went close to my ER building to calm myself down without being checked by the doctor. It worked and I came back to home. Then maybe an hour later it came once again much stronger with a massive sweating and fast hearbeating and I failed…I went to the ER and I had 170/120 blood pressure then but I knew it was just a panic attack unfortunately it was too strong that I couldn't handle it…I knew I'm fine but I had to be checked…how to overcome so huge panic attack with the fear of a heart failure…After so many EKG's, Heart Echo's and much much more tests sometimes it's just so strong that I think something like – maybe this time it's not a panic attack…this sucks so much. The funny thing is that I feel the worst when I'm in queue to the doctor and I think it's because I'm losing battle with myself, I'm losing the trust in all of my tests…I really wanted to not be checked but it was sooooooo deep and strong! :/

  12. Just a quick question. Did you ever have 24/7 symptomps (stomach pains, chest tightness, headaches). Are you fully recovered? How did those permanent symtomps cure itself? Did it slowly just go away? Really thanks for the answers

  13. Thinking to get rid of this anxiety is waste of time I personally believe. Instead think that these feelings are for life time and carry on your work.
    Nothing to worry guys. All ways stay with positive thinking. This is how I'm managing from 2 years. 👍

  14. Your chest pain was it a pinching/pulling pain on the left side and ache in the center? I’ll be fine and then out of nowhere my left side will start hurting and my anxiety will start flaring instantly🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve had blood work, ekg’s, and chest X-rays tons of times… all drs. say it’s my gerd or inflammation… I’m trying to believe them but it just freaks me out👎🏼

  15. For me health anxiety is the worst anxiety which may exist..i wish everyone a good life..am on my way recovering HA..i promise once this HA leaves me i will always help others..nothing in return..as others wants to get views to get smthings in return.its awfulll to hv a life with HA..see you guys soon

  16. Everyday I tell myself today's the day I got back to my Therapist and Counseling , I think it's been over a year now I don't know how to communicate anymore but I need help really bad

  17. Sometimes I feel normal not even anxious then but then I get a shark pain in my head or my legs get weak and then I start getting sad and depressed it like right when I tell myself I'm gone get better and I'm strong one of my symptoms happen and then it's like I tell myself it's just my anxiety but I fell sad still and hopeless even thou I tell myself I'm okay

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