Biggest Mistakes to Avoid In Hemp Farming 2019

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid In Hemp Farming 2019, an Educational Video From The Plug Supply. Check out this awesome new educational video from The Plug …



  1. Awesome video look forward to seeing more, was just approved my industrial Hemp license here in Tennessee and there is very little if any info on rules and regulations… The state is so overwhelmed they cannot even reply to email questions or return phone calls. When I get a minute I will be contacting you guys it's very hard to find seeds from a trustworthy source here. As far as the music ignore the haters they only wish they had a warehouse a third of the size. Keep up the good work

  2. I have a friend that's trying to get in on the CBD market he's purchasing 1200 plants. He's teaching himself how to grow right now I will let him know about you guys.

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