Can CBD Help You Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

I hope this can help some of you with quitting cigarettes! Or at the very least, you can get some cool info on tobacco & CBD. CBD Cigarettes …



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  2. yes, that was such a good way to explain it. Im taking cbd flower for my bipolar and it is so much like a cigarette buzz, without the negatives! i didnt originally start taking it to quit smoking but i have an unopened pack sitting here from…. 4 hrs ago.. im normally a pack a day smoker! the effects of pure cbd flower ( <.3% thc) are like smoking, only better, its like a buzz. like it more than stuff with thc in it.

  3. Yes. I curved my gf's cigarette habbit with cbd joints. Oh and just so everyone is aware the reason Hemp is legal now is because of big tobacco. They are going to use it as they did tobacco. Just a warning.

  4. Oral fixation. I actually have had to explain this to my friends a ridiculous amount of times and none of them believed me. I've always kept a copious amounts of of gum on me until I was 12. Then I started smoking at 15 but cannabis actually helped me not want it because it gave an actually good feeling instead of the instantly nic'd out feeling I get, I can hit a super low mg nic vape and get slumped instantly from the first pull. Cannabis has probably saved me more than I know. Stay safe, stay high and enjoy your life man.

  5. Tobacco is not the problem. It's the extremely addictive and harmful chemicals large companies mix with tobacco that make cigarettes extremely harmful.

  6. Ty for the positive vibes josh.i really love your videos and have been a fan for over two years I have been looking for some quality cbd products because my local dispensaries are overpriced for cbd. This plain Jane looks really good bro I’m going to order some. Thanks bro

  7. Nicotine isn't worst than caffeine so there should be no shame in using it. If you choose to the healthiest way is through vapor products. 95% safer than traditional tobaccoo. So if you want to quit smoking I suggest try vaping. It helped me quit 3 years ago. And if you then chose to quit nicotine than you could try these cbd ciggeretes.

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