1. Noob question here but why is all the trading focused on Canadian MJ companies when there are loads of legal growing operations inside the US which is potentially a bigger market isn’t it? Why not invest in US MJ companies? Thanks.

  2. TLRY premarket up 41%… HOLY SH*T!!! They going too high too fast, gonna make bubble pop and drive the rest of us down, when we didn't have even a tenth of the run. #annoyed

    Edit* a few moments later… 47% like, WUT?!?!

  3. Thank you for all your comments and insights into the MJ market!! Appreciate you sharing some about your trading background and style. Really enjoyed the Iceland video! Have a great day everyone!

  4. The puts on TLRY have such a high volitility premium, more than any 3x I've seen even during the debt ceiling or EU crisis. I don't see how to profit from it when the time comes. Even super deep itm puts are very highly priced.

  5. Sold acb at 10.50 today for another $2k from swinging it the night before. Not giving any profit back….travelling tom so I will not be able to trade but any profit is good profit. Thanks man!

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