Daniel Negreanu BLOWS Phil Laak's MIND – High Stakes Poker Cash Game

Sometimes a tough opponent can make you question your own sanity. That’s exactly what happens to Phil Laak as he faces a difficult decision against Daniel …



  1. You aren't a great analyst… During the play, the pro announcers already say what you wish you would say. Don't make the video annoying by cutting in and repeating, but with your own ideals.

  2. Sorry, but apart from using every scenario that your clueless about, the crap that comes out of your mouth is astonishing and how the title comes into play is beyond me.
    Overall shite vid, shite commentary, and I agree with the guy who talks about fast forwarding when you start to talk. I think the statistics in the numbers back us up, not one thumbs up.

  3. Negreanus moves work well against trashplayers and (those selfclaimed) pros… but people like Laak dont work like that… he will destroy him 9/10 times.

  4. daniel told the truth about his hand verbally and lied about it through his betting line. phil lied about his hand verbally and told the truth about it through his betting line. but overall, i think doug would make a better player than commentator and phil would make a better commentator than player.

  5. I get excited when I click on one of these videos and then I see it's this fucking dude with his useless commentary and I click away faster than a middle schooler caught watching porn.

  6. That's actually a tricky little move. Suggest to the villain that they have what you have and see how they react. Will they try and pretend that they actually have that hand in an attempt to seem stronger than they are or weaker than they are? It would tell you if you are beat or not if you can read their reaction correctly.

  7. T00 much blah blah who is Polk he can't play poker and worse don't know what he's talking about blah blah blah don't he ever stop screwing up good videos

  8. I'm telling Tony G, either keep talking shit or play poker…. Not both !!! Tony G. is an idiot and where is he when the WSOP comes around !! Does he even play the tournaments ??? Just a piece of shit who has to talk to get the attention of the table !!!

  9. Dneg bets the turn to make Laak fold his middling pairs, like 77,88 or 99, maybe!? We recall the table talk and Laak's limp-calling preflop. Doesn't trying to make those hands fold by barrelling turn and river not a good play?

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