Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd – full album hd 2018

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd – full album hd 2018 link: +Thank you for watching this video!!!! +List and subscribe to the …



  1. ive heard they were in contact with extraterrestrials to produce this ! ofc I am kidding ! but this album is not from planet earths I assure you !

  2. There you go i dont think you here very much this what i lesten tovthis when really mite something are really wanted someonecto understand me better kathy are still out here dovyou like dark side of the moon i hope you il make this the last ine ok

  3. Every up and coming "artist" should have to sit and listen to this album and rethink calling themselves an "artist" if you create crap that wont last the test of time your just a guy that makes forgettable music….not a musical artist

  4. You have to admit there best songs came with Roger. Wish they could get past they're differences life is to short and the music must go on after all it's all that's left when all is said and done.`

  5. This is pink Floyd's best one rocks best albums.of all time it came in 1973 it was on the billboard charts for ten years no other.album was.one.the billboard charts that long!! not even the Beatles albums where on the charts for ten years!!! This album is classic.as.it getsll maiden manic🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

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