1. The TBI needs to keep its mouth shut. They don’t make the laws, they enforce laws. The TBI doesn’t want to loose government money in the stupid “ war on drugs”. The governor is an idiot too and I voted for the dumbass. I’m a enforcement officer for over 23 years and many of us want marijuana legalized .

  2. I used to live in Tennessee but left because of chronic pain issues do to injuries obtained in the Army. All that was offered to me in Tennessee was opiates or more cutting. Luckily I had family in Michigan where it is legal here medically and has helped alot.

  3. The idea of happiness to people who think marijuana should be illegal is like a witches hex. In fact, i guarantee they drink alcohol and get shit faced on the weekends to "relieve stress" but won't smoke a joint because iT's bAd fOR yOu blah blah blah OpiOiD ePiDeMic ahhhhhh. Hey guys! I just tuned into one of these idiots brains and this is what they were thinking! — "duuuuhhhhhh people are using marijuana illegally every single day but why should we legalize it and tax it when we can just throw people in prison for possessing large quantities of it and fuck up their future for any job they want to pursue? OH, did i mention i like the smell of my babies soiled diapers"?

  4. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal. Any politician that is against cannabis falls in these two categories and needs to be voted out.

  5. Corrupt Politicians benefit from it being illegal. They are stock holders in several different companies that would be effected by cannabis legalization. Alcohol,cigarette, pharmaceutical,petroleum, prison industry etc, would all be greatly impacted by legalization of cannabis.
    When children's lives are saved by medicinal cannabis and these corrupt politicians choose to have deaf ears on the subject, you know money is behind the decisions.

  6. You know I'm sick of all the government. They are not for the people. They are only for what puts money in there pockets. We have very few that are worth being a leader.

  7. There have been more studies done on marijuana for medicinal purposes than any other pharmaceutical drug that has ever been produced.
    Opioids kill more people, due to the fact that the drug binds to the receptors in the part of the brain that controls breathing, but marijuana doesn't. So, therefore, comparing marijuana to opioids is ridiculous.
    Here is a video titled, "Medical marijuana versus opiates for the treatment of chronic pain in the modern era" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s22LVJWhBJQ

  8. these elected officials are suppose to act on behalf of us the ones that you where you are and not put forth your beliefs as your agenda do your job!!!! FOR THEE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE

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