1. I know you’re tempted to cut them down a little early but 1 more week will let the plant fully mature, you’ll get more out of your smoke in quality and quality. Growing great plants takes great patients. I learned from you’re pops. I started 5 yrs ago and I owe my success to him. You’re on it tho you’re gardening is top notch

  2. Holey moley those look awesome young blood! I bet your dads nutes! Man definitely awesome! U don't even need a/c or the cO2. They are fat man! Congratulations keep it up man!

  3. Has been an excellent first grow man, lemon looks monstrous! On my 3rd or 4th run of Girl Scouts, have to love those reds/purples/blacks they have in them 🙂 Finish strong bud!

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