Heroin Addiction With Anna

In this video you get to know a bit more about Anna. An addict I know who lives in central London. I caught up with Anna after filming this. There will be more to …



  1. at the start she says something along the lines of "tell me one thing. do you know how much it'll cost to fuck me. It'll be the best you've ever had."

  2. being an addict myself it's always tomorrow and never right now, same excuses…. I've applied for funding for rehab and the chances of me receiving it looks good, hope the gal starts heading down the right path soon

  3. She's offering him sex. When she keeps smiling and saying "you know what I mean". Then she asks him how many centimetres. Means his deck, UK and USA just use inches.
    And she walk off cos the conversation could get painful and she also needs a fix. Clucking is also a term for kicking it, coming from 'cold turkey'

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