How To Turn Wax into Vape Juice Easily (Using Wax Liquidizer): Cannabasics #58

Learn How To Turn Wax Into Vape Juice Easily Using The Wax Liquidizer Today On Cannabasics. Learn more or purchase wax liquidizer here: …



  1. I've seen some people say they went as low as .5ml/1gram. Instead of the suggested 2ml/1gram. I'm just thinking those people are crazy. It just seems at that ratio that your basically just smoking melted wax lol

  2. @ruffhouse studios #@ruffhouse studios
    Hey I have some 89% pure crumble how do I get that into Vape juice it doesn't seem to want to dissolve. It separates back out in literally 30 minutes I tried adding it to some other type of Vape juices and other types of dissolve its and nothing seems to work anyone have any ideas I also have some thca crystals and it seems to have the same problem.

  3. Been using this for a good while now and have vaped for years. This isn't your normal PG that gets added with VG like ejuice. This cant be vaped at high wattage. Peg200 behaves different when heated and could well be harmful. Dont fill your cartridges up, use smaller amounts to save the coil from overheating it and turning it dark and dank. Aspire k2 atty or half decent ceramic tank at 7 to 9 watts is the best I've found so far

  4. The first thing this video should have said is that this stuff is for clean shatter or winterized concentrates. If you do this with wax it won't be that clear for very long and it'll definitely begin to separate and clump up.

  5. How much does 1 gram of wax actually make. Where I am it's 40 a cartridge and 60 a gram of wax so I'm just trying to figure out if it's actually cost effective to make our own. Obviously not if it only made 1 cartridge but I'm assuming it makes much more then that

  6. i want to make potent e juice for my vape. right now i decarb my cannabis, then i put it on a double boiler like you do in the toaster oven with liquid coconut oil and the liq. soy lecithin ( which is orange color ) and it comes out beautiful but more like cbd oil when i smoke it. ive been using shake but ive got some buds now but im almost afraid ill ruin it!! with the liq. oil i dont need the wax liq. because it stays liquidy. what am i doing wrong??? thanks cathy

  7. instead of microwaving it you should get a shot glass or glass dish and put it in boiling water, it breaks it down more and the consistency is way better. might take 5-7 minutes, possibly longer, depending on how much your mixing and what type of concentrate you're mixing but its well worth the results you will get compared to using the microwave.

  8. I just go to vape shop get me some No nicotine juice. Then i added1/3rd gram shatter to 15mil bottle– cost 6$— . And now i cruise all day and people even give me cudos 4 trying to ""kick the habit"". Hahahahahahahaha and banana covers any light smell. Its a good day to be a Pot head.

  9. Does anyone know why my juice turns black after a few hits or when it gets to almost the end of the cartridge and ruins the flavor ? I used a 90$ gram of live resin good quality wax do I need a diff vape?

  10. Can anybody help? I've been reading online that for shatter/wax/dabs you don't need to decarb it and the cartridge heats up the wax enough to decarb it when you inhale it. If I don't have to decarb it that would be a hell of a lot easier since I still live with my parents

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