1. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I've been to. A place where kings and aristocracy lived, a place so full of culture. You can't turn without bumping into something gorgeous worth seeing. If you have the possibility to travel, with low cost airlines you can visit so many beautiful cities around Europe. In my opinion Europe is the most beautiful continent on Earth.

  2. I was gonna suggest another huge protest for you to participate in. But then I realized the flight from Prague to Hong Kong takes 15+ hours. The HK protest series is likely to span through the whole summer. They are pretty much having a protest for democracy every week now.

  3. I agree mostly with you. But some opinions matter and they form boundaries that I am not willing to cross just to be friends with people. Like I won't be friends with a racist, a queerphobic or someone who doesn't give a shit about the environment. Of course it is important to sit down together and try to understand each other, to be friendly. Friends… well, that's another matter entirely.

  4. Watching this protest reminds of a protest that happened in Egypt 2013, my father used to come back home with his voice literally gone. I was sooo young, that feels like a long time back. Got a bit nostalgic.

  5. Corruption..Hummm
    Business person that becomes president…Hummm…. a large amount of people in protest and calling for resignation of the president Hummmm… sounds familiar.

  6. Even tho I'm not really involved in the politics of my Country right now because I'm also trying to be in the middle because I hate when some people get too extreme about it and they hate you for not being at the demonstration…it's crazy I was called many names because of that and it sucks. I love the way you talked and showed your point of view and that you stand behind human rights and everyone's right to have their own opinion…so thank you for that.
    Anyways I love the way you talk about everything but mostly it makes me so happy to see that you love my city so much because my beautiful Prague is something everyone shout cherish and appreciate. There are many places to see and visit and so many places for great photography it's just perfect. This comment is actually a mess but I hope that you understand what I mean

  7. Unrelated.. But I just realize you're the guy from Jubilee's video I saw like a yeah ago. Just wanna say I remember really hating you in the video but seeing more of your person has made me realize how bullshit some first impressions are. Thx for joining the protest!

  8. I have to say that you saying that Max is your "very good friend" is hillarious to me, sounds very american. For us czechs you wouldn´t call someone your very good friend until you´ve known him atleast couple of months more like years.

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