Joe Rogan Experience #1155 – Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is a musician, actor, writer, television and radio host. He has a special debuting on Showtime called “Keep Talking, Pal” on August 10.



  1. lol, this is almost just a different version of the 2017 podcast… Same stories, slightly different, same reactions as if they have never had that convo before…

  2. All you pussy whipped guys should take lessons from Henry cause you all pussified and raised by single mothers. Who told you to treat women like a nice guy, and get shit on. Fucking queers! Haha

  3. I had quite a deal of respect for him until the end there with his political rant. I know he can hold his own opinions, but by virtue signaling he is helping no one. Overall good podcast though.

  4. He puts in perspective of how good we actually have it in a first world country let alone the US from his stories of other countries over things we take for granted, like running water and lack thereof, on how it affects literacy in young women.

  5. One thing I am noticing after watching the first interview is that Henry is repeating himself a lot. Maybe is his "talking show" mindset coming out, but he is making a lot of the same comments he made in the last interview…

  6. Oh yeah & 'fat shaming' is a different thing altogether from showing concern for a person if they're an unhealthy weight. Saying to a person you know, 'we can do something about your weight problem' out of concern for their health is an admirable thing IF you're prepared to support them, jeering at a stranger for being a 'fat ass' or bullying a kid at school for months & finding him hung from a tree as a result is not. That is fat shaming & it is a thing, call it bullying if it 'triggers' you.

    The reason many people don't like Rogan is that he can be perfectly reasonable 90% of the time & then drop some garbage comment to hold onto the sizeable douchebag portion of his audience. How about I 'drug shame' a few homeless heroin addicts to get them to quit, that'll work…

  7. He's being disingenuous when he says he has no friends. He knows lots of people. Having no friends means you see no one other than family members & people behind counters. Worse still is only knowing people who are your brother's or sister's friends. Then there are people who have no family members and literally see or hear from no one.

  8. I see Rollins play twice in London 90s… Nobody stage dives nobody. Guy is a wildman on stage. End of Silence reunion tour come back please

  9. Henry is an artist no question but he is carrying a great wound see the lost look in his eyes? Henry needs some therapy for his social anxiety and some help with his trauma. btw huge fan same age

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