1. Hello, I see that you move around, Sarasota, North Port, Tampa and Pensacola..I have lost track of where you are now. 😂 it seems that you are moving more north. My dad lives in North Port, economically it's perfect for him as he is 84. Is your motivation to move more north due to heat? Over population? Economics? Thoughts?

  2. Love it and thank you I live in Madison Mississippi since 1982 and it's very safe and nice to raise the kids and I am done with that ,, and since you done a lot of research what you advise me around Tampa surrounding areas down to Cape coral and fort Myers FL with a budget of 250k -300k for a house not too far from the beach 5-20 mint 👍👍

  3. As I mentioned before, we lived in Tampa about 1972-74. We came there from Austin, TX. Then in 1974, we moved from Tampa to Atlanta, and I thought I would die that first winter because it was so dreary in contrast to Tampa. Don't get me wrong, in general we loved the Atlanta area, but there was a degree of weather or lack of sunshine shock to get used to that first winter. lol Loved all the sunshine in Florida!!

  4. Great advice re weather. It breaks my heart and angers me that people leave their kids and pets in hot (temperature) cars. If viewers want to go to your website all they need to do is tap your picture next to Living Free Forever. I just did that and saw that awesome Ventana RV…incredible! That is still on my bucket list: to buy an RV and see as much of North America as I possibly can before my demise. As an active military member I was fortunate enough to travel to and live on four continents. Then while living in Maui I traveled to Australia and Fiji. Now I want to see Alaska, Canada and visit or revisit places throughout our beautiful country. I just need to convince my wife that living in a motorhome can be fun and exciting. She wants to find our home on or near a beach like yesterday. I just realized I've been on a binge after watching the first video…need some sleep. Good night and I look forward to watching more Living Free Forever.

  5. Great video Mel. Weather here in Key West super wet and we are gonna get hit with a down pour and winds. Hey those hand held fans are awesome. I put them in the refrigerator with water and then a few ice cubes in it so when we go to the beach it gives a super cool mist!

  6. Hi Melody – thanks for another informative video! Goodness – we sold our house in 12 days and I am flying down to Florida this Sunday to look for a rental for our family . . . the irony . . . leaving "rainy Washington State" and heading to lots of rain! Oh well, it will help keep me on track for looking for a rental instead of going to the beach – lol. I was already dreading driving around in a place I don't know and now with the rain – yikes. Hopefully the hotel will be ready for the guests in case this turns into a bigger storm. Again, thank you for all of your videos (my hubby and I still have coffee with you in the morning!) – they have been SO HELPFUL in learning about the different areas, what to expect, etc.

  7. Great Florida weather tips
    When I finally get there I will put change of clothes in car. Hate the feeling of being soaked right down to undies lol
    My daughter has asthma ( not bad) but Dr said humid weather is the best for people with asthma
    I’ll add that as another reason I want to move to Florida
    Not liking all that rain though

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