LIVE | Pot Stock State of The Market | Charts & Chat

Live pot stock talk, reviewing charts (at request) and chatting about all things within the sector. A general overview of the market direction and sentiment will be …



  1. You are wrong about drinks going to be biggest thing ever. Fonder of blue moon sold his stake. Him and wife moved to Colorado opened craft beer with the. Thc. Can’t keep up with orders.

  2. Hey Tom, thank you as always.

    When you reference buying long calls for some of these stocks, what do you personally consider to be a long call or put? I've dabbled in options a bit but I tend to buy to short of a time period. Is long to you 3 months until expiration or even longer? Aphira can be a good example, I definitely expect it to rise long term, but what is the most profitable timeframe for the option iyo?

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