Makeup & Beauty Use Up by 2019 – Finish in 2018 – Rolling Project Pan Update 2

Can’t wait to show you my project pan progress over the past 8 weeks. Finished:(11) M&S Formula ABSOLUTE sleep cream hey honey Good Morning Honey …



  1. That is a truly "Die Hard " lip gloss. Hopefully very soon your lip gloss will have "A Good Day to Die Hard". I just couldn't resist! You're doing great girl.

  2. For back to mac as far as I'm aware it's 6 full size products in packaging they can reuse (so a retractable liner is ok but one you sharpen you obviously can't use), and deluxe sized samples can't be swapped either. Has to be full sized, and you get any of their regular lipsticks in your chosen shade. I know in some mac stores you can choose an eyeshadow instead or something but best to check, normally it's a lipstick 🙂

  3. Great progress! I am going to have a party with the neighbours when you finally finish those glosses lol, hang on in there! Nearly there xxx I love finishing products, so satisfying xx

  4. Great update! I really like how you seperate out your categories of progress. The ~ is called a tilde (pronounced tilda) and it’s the same symbol used in languages like Spanish in the letter ñ (pronounced like n in no followed by y in yes).

    xx Julia

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