1. You called it precisely! Thank you for your work, it's highly educational as you provide full analytic pro and cons, all inclusive, I learn how to think for myself just by watching you.

  2. I was watching all day. As a novice investor, I was a little hesitant to invest into this although I was seeing all the signs as well. When you said in your video it was going to be a short bursts, I expected this to happen early in the morning, but low and behold, it jumped 10% throughout the day as I thought it would!

    Great video, great insight, and I can't wait to keep watching and capitalize on these jumps in the future!

  3. Thanks a lot Dan, after watching this and looking at the charts myself yesterday night, I put a market order for WEED which was fulfilled at opening today. Easy 8% for me today. I'm at lunch right now and I'm going to raise my stop sell just bellow 34$. Either that one is triggered or Im selling at close for even more. Cheers and I'll stay tuned for your next updates!

  4. Great setup Dan! It played out just like you said. Plus TRVG has been breaking out to 10$ today. Two profitables trades I’ve had because of you. Thank you so much for everything I‘ve learned from you and for sharing your knowledge with us.

  5. About Weed, your are not aligned with what you said yesterday. Yesterday it was obout the head & shoulder pattern and breaking the neckline. I think we broke the neckline today. How come you are not bearish anymore? Thanks

  6. it says the memberships registrations are disabled but im still able to click the join button and enter my payment info. Is this an error on the website or are registrations actually closed?

  7. Thanks so much. I am newbie. have lots to learn. I love to learn Option but don't know where to start. as right now I trade with Scottrade. and just once a while. Please any one teach me more . thanks

  8. thanks for the MJ videos, BTW using RSI, 30 really is 30.9, 70 really is 69.1=100 fib,
    the low will come as the price drops but the RSI is higher than the previous low, if it has dropped below 30.9,
    the low will come as it attempts to drop below 30.9 but fails.+ divergence, the bigger the time frame the more power
    or really the longer the effects, hourly-hours etc other key fib 38.2 61.8=100, of course 50 is self explanatory,
    the + divergence if meaningful will be on the daily or even weekly, sometimes the hourly but usually lines up 
    on the bigger time frames at a key fib or established trend break,
    BTW helps if hourly and under is set at 26

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