1. beautiful plants as always, thanks for sharing. sorry to hear people dogging you about miracle gro. i don't want to pounce either, but if i could share my 2cents – i don't think the concern should be about the 'taste' or that it is 'cheaper'. if you get some time, please consider googling more about their corporation and their completely corrupt tactics and their link to larger corrupt companies like 'scotts' and 'monsanto'. these companies do not love the earth and do not love our health. they destroy the planet with their synthetic chemical/salt based nutrients, it destroys the soils natural make-up and microorganisms necessary for organic soil life. they 'own' omri and certify themselves, so call it organic if you like…

    if you're looking for the cheapest/convenient organic method, have you considered 'down to earth' dry amendments? otherwise chicken manure or some other type is incredibly cheap or free and fully loaded with all you need. i don't mean to pounce as i'm sure this has been annoying to deal with for you – but i truly care about your garden, your health, and our earth we share. just hoping you could consider checking out the info online and see where other growers are coming from. happy to share more info with you, if you'd like. love and respect to you and the garden

  2. As long as they are well flushed and there is no nitrogen in the plant, they should taste clean. As far as taste. I'm pretty certain bat guano phosphourus is the key. The bat guano is what gives the oils the taste. That's what Kevin joordy says.

  3. That's the people that use too much of it and then they don't flush their plants correctly more than likely. Salts. That's with any fruits. Which Miracle Grow are you using on your plants and when do you start using them when they get small growth?

  4. Miracle Grow entered the cannabis world when they offered Miracle Grow Performance Organics line of products, they advertise for tomatoes, BUT what is the plant that grows and uses the same notes for everything, same as tomatoes! It’s just the high dollar boys with snake oils in a bottle making a rumor to keep competition down! It works!!

  5. Miracle grow is no different then indoor nutes ! All the people that doesn’t like miracle grow should stop smoking indoor too then, the scientific proof is in the growth and the performance of the plant , haters need to watch the rest of your videos! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯🤓

  6. Good looking garden my friend. People will always say stupid things and usually when it's a troll bashing someone it's a troll who has nothing or cannot even achieve what's being done in the video that they're commenting on! Lmao but on a side note I know a few ppl who are old school growers that still use miracle grow to feed during veg. But not during flower. It supposedly can give you ulcers on your lungs if it's not flushed out properly and so on. But again I'm sure thats from heavy feeding during flower with it. Awesome videos man keep up the great gardening!

  7. I don't have a problem with miracle grow. I just don't want to do the flush plus I wanted to go all organic. But I've used miracle grow. It's certainly works on a budget 👍 Then again I do remember large salt deposits in the soil when I dug up my larger plant up at the end of the season. I'd just get some blood and bone meal. Straight nitrogen and straight phosphorous in the growing stages and something high in potassium for the flowering stages. I do believe in the long run, using natural fertilizers is cheaper. I make my teas with those and other natural amendments. So in closing…I'd go a different route. I forgot all about the salt deposits in the soil

  8. Those white butterflies are horrible and will lay eggs which will turn into those little caterpillars. The caterpillars while eat into the buds and rot it away making the buds turn brown. Your plants are looking amazing far beyond what I’ve ever accomplished.

  9. People dont like miracle grow because of the company that owns them called the hawthorn group they are very bad for the cannabis community. Look them up and you'll see. People that say anything different dont know the actual facts. Look it up

  10. I really dont like it though its owned by monsanto yo and ive done side by side grows with it with other stuff and it does make it taste different not really bad but wierd.

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