1. Hello I live in Florida and am trying to grow grass in areas of my lawn that have nothing but patches and sand like dirt ..I'm not very knowledgeable with plants or grass but I'm interested in growing grass on the bare areas is there anything you recommend thats beginner friendly ? Thanks😀

  2. I try to overlap by a quarter to a half on my St. Augustine here in Houston. Now I'm going to be self conscious about how many stray grass blades I have sticking up after I mow. I know there is some, but it doesn't seem like it's as bad as what your video shows…maybe that is due to the overlap. Great video. I'm actually looking at new mowers. I have a bottom line Toro 22" self propelled, but I'll be damned after not using it for 2-3 years it started up first pull.

  3. Ordered time master super excited to use it. Now toro has a special going on them 100 bucks off!
    A quick question. I throw a ton of stuff down on my lawn. I live in Illinois. I used carbon x. Scott’s products. Lawn was amazing till I cut it short for the Fourth of July. Now looks almost weak and brown. Is it because of the mow or??? I have an irrigation system and I water every night. Help me can’t have my neighbors defeat me

  4. I've been experimenting with the overlap on the Honda and found that I get a better cut and less stragglers on the St. Aug if I keep the wheel on the inside of the previous pass.

  5. Hey Allen, just curious if you’ve ever gave a cub cadet mower a try? That’s the brand a local dealer sells and I’m curious how they compare when it comes to mulching. I would like to shop local but I also want a great product!

  6. Your background music in the first half sounds like a scene from the movie Pulp Fiction 😀😀
    Love your videos, keep up the good work (sent from coastal New Hampshire) 🙌🙌

  7. Side discharge or rear discharge will also give you a better cut because you create better lift and air flow. And using a high lift blade should give you an even better looking cut.

  8. I have seen several of your videos where you throw the clippings into the flower bed and it drives me nuts!!!! LOL there is strategy to trimming a yard I always assess the yard I'm in and make a plan going counter clock wise on a "TRIM JOB" this will throw the clippings into your yard vs your flower beds, passing cars and house windows hope this helps keep up the great videos!! Ps the Lawn Rebel sucks for not helping you level your lawn when he came down to help you mow!!!

  9. There's something about that TimeMaster. Good to know about the Honda drive system. That could be useful for me, though I like the look of the cut from the Toro more.

  10. Allan, whats the disadvantages of mowing below 3"? I have a neighbor who has very green St. Augustine but he keeps it around 1 1/2" low. It looks beautiful but I am afraid its going to look horrendous come winter. What will happen to his lawn, long term? Cutting it that short cannot be good.

  11. Hey Allen, I was wondering if you ever plan on doing reviews on larger mowers for people that need a tractor or zero turn due to the size our lawn. I currently have 20K of lawn.

  12. The best part of this video was the music!! Oh and the lawn info, my 42 yr son put the blade wrong on my push mower, so much for a supervisor helping his mom.;)

  13. For me it was difficult to really see well the quality of cut and do a good comparison. Maybe it didn't show up well on the video for me. From what I could see (I think) there were more straggler blades wuth the Honda rather than the Toro. That could simply be a blade sharpening issue. Allyn, instead of sharpening your blades by hand on that wooden block you might want to take a look at the All-American Sharpener. It's a jig that attaches to your work bench (or other places) and will give you the same angle of sharpness every time. They make some models that handle regular straight blades and curved mulching blades. Take a look. You might like what you see. Also, Allyn, where did you find that lawn mower lift jack that you use. I cannot seem to find that anywhere. Please provide a link for it, if you can. Thanks!

  14. I'd like to think I'm pretty proficient trimming hard edges with my SRM 225 but once you get a PAS 2620 with the straight shaft stick edger for your hard edges you'll never look back!. I also thought the Toro looked like it did a little better on the cut quality, even in the previous video… I'm cutting KBG in Southern ON Canada at 4.5" with my Toro Time Master right now and I only do a double cut if I find its a little damp or overgrown, just to really clean it up nicely. This mower mulches 10 times better than my previous mower and I absolutely love the personal pace system. I only added 2 things to this mower, a GOOD quality Hour/RPM meter, also tracks oil life and air filter cleaning intervals (super handy), and a Checkmate striping kit from Big League Lawns.. you won't find a better striping kit on the market, the lawn looks awesome after striping it with that setup. I also bumped up my RPMs to roughly 3500RPM at idle and roughly 3300RPM with the blades engaged.. that small adjustment made a fair difference in cut quality since your now putting more revolutions to your blades resulting in better mulching and increased blade lift. Also as others have stated, keep those blades sharp!.

  15. As for the string trimmer it spins counter clockwise so you want to walk (in forward direction) so it throughs away from the landscape. So if your house and the beds around it were a clock face (looking down from above) you would walk clockwise around your house. By going the opposite way not only do you through the clippings into the landscape but the clipping get tossed into the uncut that your trimming and works the trimmer more.

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