1. "The next update after this will be no sooner than November 2017."

    next banlist top right in red text UPDATED: 10/30/2017
    That sounds sooner than nov 2017 to me doug

  2. Update basically equates to posted here. This is an e-ban, and saying they're only updating it in November is false, because the announcement in October takes away people's chances to sell the deck and get some money back. Ultimately, no set ban list dates is a real problem that Yu-Gi-Oh has, and they wouldn't need to have random updates if they fixed their card design. MTG always has set dates, and that's proof that Konami could probably do it as well. Even OCG has a pseudo-set date in the form of Shonen Jump releases…

  3. it's an E-banlist whatever you say , the shit got out of control , 29/32 decks of YCS were SPYRALS , the shit was unbearable , and tnx God this banlist was a savior

  4. Just another person talking about magicians hit…
    Now i am afrid they will rly hit em on next tist, when i just bought my first neta deck ever (and only bcs i knew they are now irrelevant bcs of spyrals). Feels batman.

  5. no the real reason the zoo/truodraco decks took so long to get hit was because a lot of the important/core card where secret rare while most of the core spyral cards are either common to ultra rare, the reason the ocg still make them run around was because spyrals are a new archetype with a new booster pack, also no the zoo and truodracozoo are very similar decks the only difference is one has master peace the other ine has more traps, in other words choose your ultimatum but i can't deny you do notice the difference when they play against each other.

  6. BAN – conductor, crystal wing, treatoad, cdi, the dino babies, master peace, chaos max dragon, spirit dragon, card of demise, snow, ABC buster dragon, true king field spell, abc field spell, purple poison magi, dark law, psy frame omega, double helix, master plan, magical meltdown, terraforming, all yang zing monsters, set rotation, monarch eruption, pendulum graph, all cards that mill, ba dante, honest, gofu, dark law, laggia and dolkka, all hand traps, chaos max dragon, true king calamity, quick fix, dinomight knight, true king return, gospel of revival, trickstar reincarnation, herald of perfection, true draco apocalypse, vanity's fiend, fossil dyna, all barrier statues, struggling battle, kaiju slumber, wavering eyes, link mechanic and all psy frames.

    this aint no troll list, believeme if i had my way all this shit would be banned there would also be no semi-limit and no link mechanic

  7. I kind of like the no dates but the hint of when it drops we knew it was coming this time and I predicted these hits so I am happy. Plus set rotation was cancer it stopped certain decks playing.

  8. So when zoo literally took over every tier 2 event it takes konami damn near almost a year to shut zoo out of the game but spyrals is topping but other decks are topping as well konami thinks they have to Cripple spyrals Immediately but not zoo, not dragon rulers, not Teledad, not qliphorts, not nekroz but somehow konami says to themselves about spyrals "we need to cut it"

  9. "Proof we Don't need Set Yu-Gi-Oh! Ban List Dates" Yeah, unless you spent 200 dollars on hand traps to try to compete with Spyrals. But fuck those people, right?

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