Quit Smoking this time for good

Being a smoker for 35 years, tried multiple times it’s a challenge! Since I have been daily practicing the steps of self-development and the Law of Attraction.


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  1. Hi Cindy, I didn't pick you for a smoker at all, you you come across so active, healthy and positive but it's never to late to give up. I started smoking at School through peer group pressure too and smoked for into my late 20's, I also chose to stop for health reasons and because of those reasons it wasn't that hard after all. The tips you mention seem logical and smart in respect to not wanting to gain weight, there's also an app you can download which helped my friend when she gave up last year, if you haven't already down loaded it? Meditation, listening to daily podcasts or motivational speakers, writing and saying daily affirmations, white board bullet pointing your goals, weekly pamper treats are also great tips. I don't know you but I reckon with focus and positive attitude you've got this in the bag! You can do it!!!

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