Small cap opportunity: LGC Capital | Cannabis Investment Opportunity in South Africa

LGC Capital Ltd. is a Canadian incorporated public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: LG). The company objective is to become a …



  1. It's forced rape take it & shut up. & we walk around society knowing you've been raped & will continue to be raped until one makes a stand. But there's no laws protecting civilians constitution is a big facade to make people feel there's a remedy a fair system in place which man should plea to beg in order to have his human right respected. Like asking your mother father to go outside & your a grown ass man. It's ridiculous how stupid we've been

  2. We divided by race color religion region & a slew of other things while masters unite to oppress the nations. When the animals are led to the slaughter it don't matter to master what race color religion or region one is from what matters is the meat that come from the grinder. We all are pawns when it's all set & done. So we are being mastered used not even like a prostitute because at least they agree & make some money.

  3. Many of us are cowards afraid of the repercussions. Any time one is afraid of something or someone it means you've been mastered. So you now have a master which makes one a slave. If we want real freedom one has to be willing to buck the system so unity amongst the people is vital.

  4. non violent protest never wins reason wars exist. We all should be willing to die for freedom. As it's said. Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life. …

  5. I want to know when will we stand up against these injustices. Everyone need to make a stand the fuck up & turn on these ass holes that been oppressing us human generation after generation we oppressed so generation after generation fight fight fight

  6. Julius Malema please put a stop to this please man you can't allow these foreigners to keep taking the food from our mouths, South Africans must be the first to break ground on this

  7. MONTREAL, March 23, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – LGC Capital Ltd. (TSXV: LG) ("LGC") announces that it has formally terminated its option to acquire a 30% interest in South Africa-based House of Hemp (Pty) Ltd, in favour of focusing LGC's resources and cash-strong balance sheet on developing its fast-growing investments in Australia, Montreal/Canada, Jamaica and Europe. LGC also announces that it is examining new near-term cash-flowing investment opportunities in Europe and southern Africa. As previously announced, LGC's 50/50 joint venture with AfriAg (Pty) Ltd had the exclusive right to acquire a 60% interest in House of Hemp.

    The South African Government has not put in place the legislative framework for the legalization of medical cannabis in that country. Although House of Hemp is still actively seeking a full set of commercial licenses, its lack of licenses at present means that it does not meet LGC's strict criteria for near-term production and cash-flow.

    As a result, House of Hemp no longer fits with LGC's investment objectives. LGC has a number of other investment opportunities that it believes will offer better short-term returns for its shareholders. The amounts invested by LGC in its due diligence review of House of Hemp were not material.

  8. I'm sorry but I don't think it's "cool" to legalize something that has clearly proved hazardous in states that already tried legalizing dagga.

    I think you are exploiting people with false information and risking the lives of the youth of SA by your propaganda and promoting the legalization of drug abusers under the so-called guise of "medicinal" even as it might be your right to harm your lungs with the smoke and tar of dagga and also your right to damage whatever sensible brain cells you might have left – The SA Gov. has the right to protect the drivers on the road and the youth of SA. And you must be held accountable for spreading a bias on dagga – there is a negative to it and just because it has not happened to you YET. does NOT mean it never will or it won't affect the youth.

  9. Biggest fucking load of mother fucking bullshit I have ever SEEN!!! South African tax payers must pay for a police force who raid our homes AND for your rent a cop security, fuck that. We get arrested by corrupt police officers that abuse its citizens, cause years of emotional damage, cause immense damage to property and pretty much steal anything remotely related to gardening at busts. South African citizens get locked 🔒 up even for just growing a single plant in the back garden, may be for their kid with autism, and here is this giant facility.

    This shits got to stop. Fuck you government and your draconian mj laws. And fuck you for only doing shit that makes you money. You're all corrupt in my mind, the whole system rotten to the core. All done under false pretenses to keep us 'safe', fucking eat shit and die gov, down a few bottles of rubbing alcohol it's safe unlike that Dagga.

  10. There needs to be some kind of inquiry into how this occurred because it smacks of old colonialism & is another clear demonstration of how speculative markets & those that ply them are FUCKING UP OUR WORLD

  11. This is quite alarming. Definitely another corrupt Nkandla operation by the SA government. Those House of Hemp books and papers will definitely have more than a few fishy signatures on. We need to put some serious inquiry by the public protector into this issue.

  12. Corporation with corruption this is un
    acceptable they must be closed down and small business be allowed to first get into this business, otherwise we will let EFF get hold of you

  13. Tomorrow there will be more than 2 South Africans arrested for smoking a joint. Bullshit, start with the people before putting money in your own pocket. Get out of our country to be honest. We have as much qualified citizens to do this, but it's basically impossible without having money to bribe. Sorry, but this is nothing to be excited about. Why not let South Africans do this, we don't need Canada.

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