Step by Step Guide: Complete 6.5ft x 6.5ft Ebb and Flow Grow Tent Setup for Hydroponic Gardening

This Ebb and Flow Hydroponic setup can be used with organic liquid nutrients and any horticulture grow room garden. Learn more about our 6.5ft x 6.5ft Grow …



  1. Hola señor ,

    Encontramos una buena solución por el buen costo, consulte el modelo adjunto. 500W USD 299 / PC, verifíquelo.

    Si le gusta, le sugiero que ordene 5-10 unidades, de esta manera, puede mostrar a sus clientes y también vender. O tiene que esperar mucho tiempo cuando terminamos nuestras vacaciones el 22 de febrero, por lo que no tendrá nada que vender durante estos meses.

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  2. You might want to check out ceramic metal halide lights. They use half the watts with half the heat and produce the most accurate copy of the sun. I got two Hydrofarm Phantoms. Good for veg and flower. So, you only need one light for the whole process.

  3. So how big are the yields if you do everything right ? Im looking forward to buying this setup but im curious of my yields, I would love to get a few pounds each harvest

  4. Wtf dude I like smoking weed but it's not legal in my country and if cops catch you while you're growing some green shit it means you will be in prison for 20 years.

  5. Can someone explain why the end of the ducting just goes back into the tent to make a complete loop?… I thought you would want the duct exhausting somewhere outside the tent or better yet outside the property all together? Their is no fresh air entering with your method as far as I understand only circulating air

  6. Great video waiting on the groceries and if you're going synthetic or organic Boogie Brew out of California has one of the best organic teas that I have found and I have used probably four maybe five and Boogie Brew put them to shame they are awesome people independent small company Boogie Brew. Com

  7. Hi there

    How many lights does the 7ftL 2ftW tent require? For 6 plants? And what watt would the bulbs need to be? I'm just starting out and I've been reading some of the stuff you have been posting. Even where you explain how to work this problem out but am apsalutly rubbish at maths.. could you help me out with my problem please?

  8. I wanted to buy a few things from their website but for some reason it keeps saying I dont have permission to access their website, but i could before. as if i was banned. that sucks. I was going to spend alot of money…..

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